Parblo Launches New Intangbo Pen Tablets

parblo launches intangbo pen tablets

A big name in the drawing tablet world, Parblo, has launched its Intangbo tablets on 6th July. These Intangbo tablets are reportedly available in two different sizes and two different colors. Parblo has been in the digital drawing industry for six years now. It looks like Parblo has tried to design the device based on … Read more

Parblo Ninos M Review

parblo ninos m review

The Parblo Ninos (M) drawing tablet is one of two new tablets from Parblo available not only in two different sizes i.e. the small (S) measures 6”x4” whereas the medium (M), which I am reviewing here, is 9”x5”, but in three color variants: ‘Tender Green’, ‘Clay Pink’ and ‘Dark Night Black’. According to the blurb … Read more

Parblo to Launch Mast13 and A610 Pro: Unveils Specs and Features

Parblo Mast13 and A610 Pro

Technology has revolutionized art. Traditionally artists expressed their creativity on canvas, paper, fabrics or other materials. One common feature of all these art forms was that if by any chance the artist made a mistake, it was irreversible. The artist had to either scrap the piece and build a new one or find some ways … Read more

Parblo Coast16 Review: A 15.6-inch Digital Drawing Tablet

Parblo Coast16 15.6-inch Drawing Tablet

In the evolving digital world, consumers are ditching their desktop and turning towards smartphones and tablets. According to researchers, the ratio of mobile users is going to enter 4.6 billion in 2019. Thus, you can understand the changing consumer demand. Smartphones and tablets have replaced almost everything right from your wristwatch or home clock to … Read more

Parblo A610s Graphic Drawing Tablet Review

Parblo A610s Graphic Drawing Tablet

Create like never before with the Parblo A610s Graphic Drawing Tablet which is the device to walk with if you are an intuitive artist in the lane that who creates out of pure intuition. This tablet almost sounds like a direct descendant from Pablo Picasso, but then we can’t say for sure. From observation, I’ve … Read more