Parblo Introduces Ninos M and Ninos S Pen Tablets

On September 12th, graphic designing tablet pioneer Parblo launched its latest creative drawing tablets, Ninos M and Ninos S. The latest Ninos tablets by Parblo are fashionable, smart, and hi-tech. The new tablets derive its name from the Italian word niños meaning boys or children implying the new tablet series is produced for beginners and young designers.

Parblo Ninos M
Parblo Ninos M

Integrated with the wireless passive electromagnetic technology, Ninos M and Ninos S is available in the vogue color options of green, pink, and black. The Ninos M offers an expansive 9 x 5 Inch working area whereas, the Ninos S features a compact 6 x 4 Inch active drawing space. Along with its fashionable appearance, the new drawing tablets are integrated with the latest technology and features for optimum productivity.

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The new Ninos M and Ninos S feature an impressive screen resolution of 5080 LPI and a reading speed of 260 RPS. Both the drawing tablets come with wireless and battery-free digital pen or stylus.

With a pressure sensitivity level of 8192, the digital stylus of Ninos M and Ninos  S is engineered for seamless drawing and sketching experience. The digital pen also consists of 2 buttons for quick access to shortcut keys and supports tilt brush action.

Parblo Ninos S
Parblo Ninos S

The sleek body of this stylus adds to the feasibility of creating fine strokes as well as take down quick notes. Paired with powerful digital stylus, new Ninos M and Ninos S tablets can be used for any digital artwork, digital signature, document editing, online teaching and learning, OSU gaming, and more.

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Along with a larger drawing area, the Ninos M drawing tablet comprises of 8 customizable shortcut keys or express keys at the top of the screen. The Ninos M model also supports a 60-degree tilt function for a comfortable viewing and drawing position. The Ninos S model does not support tilt function but comes with 5 customizable express keys for quick access to different tools like zoom in and zoom out.

Parblo has released its new drawing tablet Ninos M and Ninos S acknowledging the requirements of young designing enthusiasts. Besides its advanced features, the new tablets provide smart hacks for maximizing the utility.

The new Ninos M and Ninos S tablets have a special hook design that extends from the top-right edge of the drawing tablet. This unique design not just helps to hang the tablet securely from a hook but also offers a comfortable grip while working. Both the tablets also offer a stylus holder at the top of the screen.

The latest Ninos M and Ninos S support the Android operating system giving you the freedom to create on the go. The tablet also supports Windows 7 or above, Mac OS 10.11 or above, and Android 6.0 or above systems.

Moreover, using the USB Type-C connection, the tablets can be connected to your laptop, desktop, or smartphone. Both the latest Parblo drawing tablets also support designing software like Photoshop, SAI, Painter, Clip Studio, krita and more.

The new Ninos M and Ninos S drawing tablet package contain 6 replacement nibs for the digital stylus, 1 nib removing tool, 1 USB Type-C cable, and 1 OTG adapter for connection, a quick start guide, and a warranty card.

The latest Parblo drawing tablets can be purchased online from the company’s official website or other websites like Aliexpress and Amazon. According to the official website listing, the price of Ninos M is US$59.99 whereas the Ninos S is listed for US$39.99.

For selected countries like the US, Canada, UK, Japan, Germany, Italy, Spain, and France, Parblo is also offering a 10% discount on a purchase from the official website.

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