The 10 Best 2-in-1 Tablets With Keyboard 2019


Due to the digital generation creeping and settling in our lives, it is almost hard to survive without a laptop or a tab. It will not be very wrong to put it this way that the world is now running on tabs. From small presentations to imperative business dealing over Skype, there is hardly anything that doesn’t require a digital device. Hence, a laptop or a tab is a need of an hour. But, we know carrying a laptop to wherever you travel is sort of a task, which is why the tech firms invented tablets, a smaller and handier version of laptops.

2-in-1 tablets

Tablets are one unique innovation that is bigger than a smartphone, smaller than a laptop and yet functions exactly like both. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? While we were settling in the availability of tablets in our life, core business users found it a bit tough to work on tablets instead of laptops (check out best 2-in-1 laptops here.)

Then there was a new innovation of 2-in-1 tablets that are convertible. Hence, they come along with a keyboard and a stylus. It can be detachable or some different sort of functionality. Tech firms being in a tough competition rolls out some amazing configurations and specifications that can trigger any tech freak to just hop on and buy the respective product. With Apple and Samsung dominating the industry, they are by far the best manufacturers of tab and you just cannot overlook them. The only aspect where these tech giants lack is their pricing, the only factor that makes buyers reluctant and they settle for something else.

While tablets are an ‘in’ thing now, the tech firms do not stay behind in rolling out innovative and upgraded versions of tabs every now and then. Hence, below are top 10 tabs with keyboards to help you get your hands on the best suitable 2-in-1 tablet.

1. Apple iPad Pro

Apple products have often been a desire for most of the people, some truly admire its operating system and some just have to set a style statement. Either ways, Apple profits. Now along with an elegant design, Apple does offer high quality user experience and an operating system specially designed for the same. Apple iPad Pro, launched in November 2018, is one such product that has gained much admiration from the users.

Some of the imperative features of Apple iPad Pro 2018 are:Apple iPad Pro

  • Beautiful design with slim bezels
  • Vivid Display
  • Enduring Battery Life
  • Amazingly insane performance
  • USB-C Port
  • Available in 11 inch and 12.9 inch size
  • Storage ranges from 64GB to 1TB

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With all the pros mentioned above, Apple iPad Pro 2018 also tags some cons with it. The leading tech firm, Apple, has been known for rolling out products that are loved by people for its design and the experience it brings to table, yet, even then not many prefer it. Have a look at some of the drawbacks of this recent launched piece of beauty (or not?).

  • A bit too over the edge costly
  • No headphone jack

With all the pros and cons read, Apple iPad Pro 2018 is indeed a beauty to have. It will provide you an immersive user experience that’ll make you stick to it for long and you wouldn’t want to switch. A major con that we would say is the cost. 11 inch model of Apple iPad Pro starts at $799 and 12.9 inch model at $999. These prices are for model with 64GB, the range increases as per the storage capacity of the model.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is the best tablet that you’ll ever come across. With so many exciting features, this tablet can be your perfect on-the go partner due to lightweight and thickness. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is very sleek just 5.7mm thick that enable you to hold with great ease. The tablet boasts 10.5” Super AMOLED display, providing you with amazing picture quality with bright colors and deep contrast. The tablet is available in three beautiful and classy colors, which includes Cloud Blue, Mountain Grey, and Rose Blush that adds grace to your personality. Check out the below points in favour of Galaxy Tab S6.Galaxy Tab S6

  • Redesigned S Pen
  • Samsung Dex
  • Bixby
  • Split View
  • Dual Camera
  • Huge RAM+ROM
  • Up to 15 hours Video Playback

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 has a very productive pen that starts charging as soon as you attach to the backside of the tablet. It is very powerful and enables you to encounter any challenge that comes your way. As it runs on Android 9 Pie, Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is one-of-a-kind tablet with incredible user-interface.

There are lots of great features, but before you buy, just check out below points,

  • Book Cover Keyboard not included with price (Buy Separately)
  • Starting price is a bit high (Comparing iPad Air)

The tablet has Snapdragon Qualcomm processor, which makes it unbeatable in terms of performance along with options of 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM and 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM. The tablet has the ability to run 15hours flawlessly with durable battery coupling with continuous browsing and video playback.

3. Microsoft Surface Pro 6

As the critics claimed it to be, Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is the best 2-in-1 tablet available, and you probably need not bother to look for anything else. With many tech firms ruling the market, Microsoft has indeed made its place with Microsoft Surface Pro 6. The reviews say for itself about this tab, runs seamlessly, and has undeniably best user-experience so far. The design looks amazing, and configuration suits us quite well. Yet, what the dilemma is? Now, after having the reviews, all we wonder is, is Microsoft Surface Pro 6 worth the digit it is estimated for?

Below are some pros and cons of Microsoft’s new model to help all the prospective buyers to have an insight;Microsoft Surface Pro 6

  • 3:2 Display
  • Amazing Design and Build quality
  • A fine multi-tasking performance
  • Enduring battery life

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Now that we have discussed some important pros about Microsoft Surface Pro 6, there are some drawbacks that is associated with the respective tab. Now as we know, Microsoft has been a pioneer in offering windows in our laptops since long back. It happens to be our trusted source of user-friendly experience when it comes to buying a laptop. Hence, what makes it less of a worth while we get to buy a 2-in-1 tablet.

Let’s know the cons of one of the best 2-in-1 tablet:

  • Windows 10 still needs some improvement
  • Expensive
  • No USB C

Imperative details about Microsoft Surface Pro 6 conclude here. The tab is quite highly priced as it might not fit in the budget of a common 9-to-5 job person. The range starts from $799 and reaches around $2099. Now, all that we wonder is, is it worth it? Well, that’s for you to decide. As you might have read the important pros and cons of this new tab, you can now very well infer if Microsoft Surface Pro 6 fits your suitability and pocket simultaneously.

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Samsung’s new flagship model, Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, is said to be lighter than ultra book even after being inclusive of a keyboard and pen. Samsung being another leading tech firm in the market, has its own share of successes when it comes to smartphones and tabs. The strategy that revolves around Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is that Samsung has ensured to offer a full desktop like feel with individual windows and improvised multitasking feature termed as Samsung DeX. With such immersive experience at hand, like every other tab, Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 has its share of pros and cons involved.

Lets have a look at some of the vital features of the tab that might trigger tech freak in us to buy it:Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

  • Excellent battery life
  • Amazing Design
  • Vivid Display
  • Samsung DeX is just out-right awesome for multitasking
  • Lightweight
  • USB-C fast charging port

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With noting down some imperative pros of this tab, we know that drawbacks exist. Well, is anything ever perfect? Without getting dramatic anymore, Samsung Galaxy tab also tags along its share of cons with itself. While pros might trigger you to buy, cons might help you think twice.

Have a look at some drawbacks of Samsung Galaxy Tab S4:

  • Needs to buy a keyboard and mouse separately
  • The above factor adds to the already high ranging cost
  • Face scanner is sometimes a hit and often a miss

Concluding everything, Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is a fine model with amazing design, well quality build and an intense user friendly experience. The price of this tab starts from $649 and ranges up with the specifications of model. Now, the prices might be low as compared to the tech rivals, it is still an over the budget product as for what it offers. The tab might have great configurations, yet it might not feel very worth it.

5. Microsoft Surface Go

Microsoft’s smaller and easy on go laptop is finally rolled out, with Surface Go, Microsoft aims to tell people what a windows tablet is capable of. Microsoft has firmly established itself when it comes to laptop windows. It is running successfully in the market and somehow leading it. With a decent memory storage, Microsoft is here to give a tough competition to its tech rival, Apple or Samsung. The tab is inbuilt with some amazing features that’ll help you have an immersive experience of this respective tab.

Now, like all the tabs, even Microsoft Surface Go is inclusive of some pros and cons. The pros and cons might influence your decision for better. Pros are:Microsoft Surface Go

  • Decent Price
  • Strong Graphics
  • Amazing Design
  • Vivid Display
  • Excellent Speakers

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Because, everything tags along some cons, Microsoft Surface GO has some too. Despite of some awesome features, there are few drawbacks that might dwindle your decision to buy Microsoft’s latest flagship model.

Some of the cons that comes along with Microsoft Surface Go are mentioned below. Let’s have a look.

  • Accessories have to be bought separately
  • Could have been better configured

Now you might have a well informed decision as in to buy or not. The tab is small and light in weight which makes in easy to carry, yet sometimes you might get a congested feel while you are working with Microsoft Surface Go on your laps. The keyboard keys are very closely placed. Hence, it might not offer you a very free feel while you work. All in all, while you get Microsoft Surface Go in a decent price starting from $399 and increases with enhanced specifications. Now, if the tab fits your suitability criteria, what do you await? Get hands on the solid Microsoft Surface Go now.

6. New Apple iPad Air 2019

Apple has always been dominating the market with its incredible smartphones and tablets. You will see amazing groundbreaking innovation in every smartphone and tablet introduced by Apple, but Apple iPad Air adds more power. This mid-size tablet of 10.5 inch outfitted with Retina display along with True technology deliver absolute stunning picture quality. It is very sleek and lightweight, accompanying extreme portability.

Apple iPad Air 2019 with Keyboard

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Some of the key-points of iPad Air:

  • Up to 256GB of storage
  • 500 nits display
  • Comes in 2 models – WiFi & WiFi+Cellular
  • Weighs only 1 pound

Typically, Apple introduces powerful technologies to more people than ever before and that’s the reason the tablet is equipped with A12 Bionic chip with Neural Engine. By leveraging machine-learning, iPad Air changes your experience the way you view images, play games and other activities. To add more to these features, you can easily edit a video and create a presentation, design a 3D model and do a lot amazing stuff.

Things to look before you buy:

  • A bit expensive (add-on smart-keyboard is also pricey)
  • Nothing new in Design
  • No Face ID

With 8MP back camera and 7MP front-facing camera, Apple iPad Air can be your partner in crime when you’re on your vacations as it will enable you to capture every moment easily. More so, the tablet comes with Apple pencil that focuses primarily on responsiveness, precision, and natural fluidity for -making your writing, drawing, sketching or signing experience one-of-a-kind. You can also utilize the full-size keyboard with your iPad Air, converting it into a desktop.

Running on iOS operating system, Apple iPad Air puts everything you require within a swipe or tap on the screen. Featuring easy-to-use interface, multitasking, and command over the large screen, enable you to enjoy Apple iPad Air to the fullest.

The tablet also offers 10 hours battery life with continuous browsing, which is a phenomenal factor for many users. It also provides you with better connectivity speed- be it in Wi-Fi, data network, etc.

7. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet (3rd Gen)​

Lenovo’s versatile tablet is now rolled out and is certainly at par with competitors in the market. ThinkPad X1 Tablet (3rd Gen) has taken a long jump and is a true proof of having concrete effort invested in. The pad is a tailor-made product for business users as they expect amazing quality, stability and durability. With stepping into the market, Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Tablet (3rd Gen) is a fast forward thinking laptop which apparently fits in every situation.

A well designed tablet that fits fine with your suitability and has some above average features that would be just worth it. Now that we have mentioned pros and cons for ever table above, lets have a look at some pros of ThinkPad X1 Tablet (3rd Gen).Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet (3rd Gen)

  • Bright and Vivid Display
  • Impressive Webcam
  • Amazing Keyboard and Stylus
  • Beautiful Design
  • Stable performance
  • Fine for Light Gaming

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Post all the pros of Lenovo’s new masterpiece, you might have been partially or more than partially convinced to buy the product. to provide you a balanced perspective, below mentioned are some of the cons of ThinkPad X1 Tablet (3rd Gen)

  • Below-Average Battery Life
  • Heavy than Surface Pro
  • Audio
  • Not a lap kind of tablet
  • Expensive

Now that you are well aware of how Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 (3rd Gen) functions, it might be a well aware decision for you take. But, if you are looking for a tablet that is pocket friendly, this one’s not for you. The starting range for ThinkPad X1 is from $1395 which increases as per the specifications. While it might have a solid performance, it is for you to decide that whether it’s worth it? well, we’ll leave it on you.

To conclude it, with this 2-in-1 Tablet, you get the utility of both laptop and tab. Windows being our trusted product for laptops, having it in tab might just prove to be an advantage. Also, there hasn’t been much of a compromise made on design and quality. Hence, all in all, ThinkPad X1 (3rd Gen) is a worth having stuff.

8. Samsung Galaxy Book2​

Samsung being a pioneer in tech related products. Smartphones, tabs, smart TV’s and what not, the tech firm has established its foot in every blooming sector. Hence, when Samsung rolls out a product, it surely has something extra ordinary in store. And, when its Samsung we are talking about, the product earns trust itself. Samsung Galaxy Book 2 has everything right, long lasting battery life, included accessories, amazing display and an experience worth experiencing.

We understand that it gets hard for you to comprehend until and unless we have some listed pros and cons for you. Samsung Galaxy Book 2 is fist of its kind and has sailed quite well. Below are some of the many pros associated with Samsung’s new innovation. Let’s have a look:Samsung Galaxy Book2

  • Included Accessories
  • Long Battery Life
  • Amazing Design
  • Excellent Display
  • Large Storage

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Since you are now well aware of all the pros that tags along with Samsung Galaxy Book 2, it isn’t that perfect as well. While, the tab speaks for itself, every product has some drawbacks that might make you think twice. To help you have a clear decision, listed below are some cons of this respective tab.

  • Ain’t much of a multi-tasker
  • Tiny Touchpad
  • Below-average pure performance

Okay, so cons are not as many as we thought. Anyhow, the tab wins over the design and fact that it includes stylus and keyboard cover accessories, which wasn’t seen in any other windows tablet. Samsung setting the bar high has kept the price, well let’s say, comparatively not too high. Starting from $999, Samsung Galaxy Book 2 is worth the price asked. Amazing design, trusted brand, specifications at its best and configurations that every tech freak would need. Yes, the tab lacks behind in terms of Qualcomm Processor, but it surely covers up in other aspects.

9. HUAWEI MediaPad M5 Pro​

Since there are many tech firms that rule the market, often, buyers fail to overlook them for other tabs. Now, while you go out to buy a tab for yourself, how often do you land up buying a tab that isn’t Apple or Samsung. Hence, I am trying to draw your attention towards a fact that we hardly consider a tab beyond big brands unless budget constraints. So now HUAWEI has rolled out MediaPad M5 Pro for the generation that isn’t able to look beyond top notch brands. The tab is inclusive of essential features, great design and a perfect piece from usability perspective.

To let you know how HUAWEI MediaPad M5 Pro gets a win, lets have a look at some pros of this tab:HUAWEI MediaPad M5 Pro

  • Great Screen
  • Amazing Sound Quality
  • Keyboard case has an edge for functionality
  • Watching video gets a wee better

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With all the pros to offer, HUAWEI isn’t a bad option to consider. We understand that your trust level fits well when we talk about iPad, yet your pocket might not be very supportive. Hence, what is bad in having a tab with almost similar and a decent configuration that fits your budget? Isn’t it a win-win situation? We bet it is. Yet, we also know that every product tags some cons along with it. Below mentioned are some of the cons to balance out your judgement:

  • No headphone jack
  • Below average portrait orientation
  • Design aspect could have been improved

Concluding it at the end, the product in all is a worth buy. Starting with $449, the tab isn’t a bad option to have if you are fond of some decent configurations and a small list of cons won’t affect you much.

It is a fine display laptop that looks good and offers a comfortable user experience. So, if you are looking for a tab with perfect suitability and good looks, your search ends here, my friend. HUAWEI Media M5 Pro is all that you need. Happy Buying!

10. Lenovo Miix 630​

Lenovo, being another trusted brand in terms of laptop, has recently launched Lenovo Miix 630. The tab promises to be inclusive of various features, Qualcomm Processor, Long Lasting battery life and a decent outlook. Now, for the trust we have on Lenovo, the idea of 2-in-1 tab by Lenovo seems to be a nice choice to make.

It might not be as affordable as other laptops available in the market, but the configurations and tech specs offered by Lenovo Miix 630 seems to de enough justice to the price asked. Enough storage, 4GB RAM, Metal body, USB-C port, and easy to carry. These are some of the specifications that would trigger your tech nerve to buy this beauty.

Now to give you a slight push, below mentioned are pros of Lenovo Miix 630:Lenovo Miix 630

  • Lasting battery life
  • Smart aluminum casing
  • Included accessories
  • Easy to carry

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Listing the pros might have increased your urge to buy it. But, spending around $899 on a tab, is it worth? Let’s find out. Below are some cons that might give you a clear perspective of Lenovo Miix 630:

  • Expensive
  • Tiny port
  • Thick Bezels
  • Not all windows apps are supported

Now that you are well aware of both pros and cons of Lenovo Miix 630, it might get easier for you ro take a decision. In all, you get a smart look tab with included accessories and decent processor at starting pricer of about $899. This is the starting range for Lenovo Miix 630, the price increases with better specifications.

It feels like to have a luxurious tablet with some amazing connectivity options. The tab supports 4G LTE, which helps you have a great network irrespective of where you are. Tab could have had a wee bigger display but all in all, the tab is worth the money asked and would certainly extend an immersive experience.

These were 10 best 2-in-1 tablet with keyboard. The convertibles, as they are known to be, are next gen tablets that are designed to extend a dual experience of tab and a laptop. Now, it is no hidden fact that the market is rule by top notch tech firms such as Apple and Samsung. It gets hard for a tab to reach to the bar set by these two brands. Since, they are high in configuration and offer a user-friendly experience; their prices reach sky as well.

Also, other tech firms such as Lenovo, HP, HUAWEI, and many alike are catching up in the race and are certainly able to offer somewhat similar experience as others. Although, the consumer buys product on basis of his trust on the brand and credibility the brand has built for itself. Therefore, it gets hard to convince an Apple user to buy any pad other than iPad when he goes to buy.

Summing it all, there are plethora of tech firms in the market, from high range tabs to the affordable ones, there isn’t a shortage of options to choose from. With variety so vast, you get to have a wide prospective of what do you need and how much worth do you comprehend it to be. That is a little dilemma that we’ve tried to eliminate with specifications of top 10 2-in-1 tablets with keyboards. Happy Shopping Folks!