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The 10 Best Chrome OS Tablets of 2021

Chrome OS tablets are now settling in as the latest trend and are surely becoming talk of the town. With being less expensive as compared to other tablets, it offers all the imperative features that you’ll need in your daily work-life. Sounds quiet apt, isn’t it?

Chrome OS Tablets

Unlike other tablets, Chrome OS Tablets are designed in a manner that they serve the purpose they are supposed to serve, not much higher or a wee less. The Chrome OS tablets have a fast processing system and thus, are surprisingly good at multi-tasking.

The tabs are designed for simple daily tasks, hence, they turn out to be more preferred at school level unlike other tablets in the market.

Along with being user friendly, Chrome OS tablets extend all features that other tablets have and that too a notch higher in terms of usability. Be it apps or Microsoft Office, Chrome OS tablets are compatible to have it all.

Along with Microsoft Office, Chromebooks are well versed with extending inbuilt facility of Google docs, sheets or slides. Chrome OS tabs have a larger display, high resolution and many other features that keeps it, if not unique, at par with other similar tablets.

It is the price that makes all the difference and pushes Chromebooks a step forward as compared to others.

Our Picks: Best Chrome OS Tablets 2021

After Chromebooks gaining popularity in laptop market, the tablet industry is also getting into Chrome OS tablets with few new tablets launching every year. It’s a fact that there are only few Chrome OS tablets available in the market right now.

But, once people start loving it, more number of tablets with Chrome operating system will be launched. Till then, we have listed down the few best Chrome OS tablets for 2021.

1. Lenovo Chromebook Duet

Lenovo Chromebook Duet

Lenovo Chromebook Duet on Amazon

This super- convenient 2-in-1 Lenovo Chromebook Duet is designed for maximum utility. With the detachable, ultra-thin, full size, highly responsive keyboard, Lenovo Chromebook Duet can perform as a laptop and turns into an efficient tablet without it.

The styling of the tablet brings out a unique dual-tone design with the use of color tones Ice Blue and Iron Grey. Its standard 10.1 inches FHD screen comes with 1920 x 1200 resolutions and its 400 nits provide the best display quality in terms of brightness and clarity.

This Chrome-based Lenovo tablet receives its amazing capabilities from the powerful MediaTek Helio P60T Octa-Core processor. Its ability to boot in just eight seconds keeps the users always committed and connected to work.

Its battery life of about 10 hours provides enough backup to remain productively focused. Known as Lenovo Chromebook Duet in North America and Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook elsewhere, this tablet is starting at $279.99.

2. HP Chromebook x2 11

hp chromebook x2 11

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This 11-inch HP Chromebook x2 11-da0013dx tablet is powered by Snapdragon 7c processor and comes with 8GB RAM. The tablet is specifically designed to meet your needs during the pandemic.

HP partnered with Google to create the first ever detachable hybrid Chromebook, that can be a powerful and efficient computing solution for work as well as a device for entertainment.

It comes with a HP wireless rechargeable USI pen support and a full-size detachable keyboard. With a kickstand, you can position the Chromebook up to 170 degrees.

HP x2 11 offers 2k HD, IPS display with 3:2 aspect ratio for better viewing experience. It uses Qualcomm Adreno 618 GPU graphics.

HP Chromebook x2 11 has Bang & Olufsen Audio and a dual speakers for immersive listening experience. You get 64 GB internal storage, a microSD card slot, and 100 GB on Google One cloud storage.

It comes in Natural Silver color option and features a lot of apps and tech developed by HP and Google.

3. ASUS Chromebook Detachable CM3

asus chromebook detachable cm3 with stylus

Available on Amazon

The ASUS Chromebook Detachable CM3 combines performance, versatility and portability, making it an excellent device. The appearance is unique and elegant, and the original vertical and horizontal bracket design provides the best direction and perspective for study, work, and fun.

Connected to a full-size ergonomic keyboard, the ASUS Chromebook Detachable CM3 turns into a laptop with ErgoLift design and 1.5 mm keystroke to improve work efficiency. After removing the stand cover and keyboard, it becomes a compact tablet. Take notes or draw pictures at ease with the stylus pen.

The 7.9mm ultra-flat design and anti-stain coating make it a stylish and reliable companion for play, study, or work. With the pen, you can express your creativity and productivity through quick and precise movements: as long as you have an idea, take notes, draw or write down ideas.

The easily detachable keyboard and magnetic back cover and the flexible tilt stand on the ASUS Chromebook Detachable CM3 keep you productive.

4. Lenovo 10e Chromebook Tablet

Lenovo 10e Chromebook

Lenovo 10e Chromebook on Amazon

Starting at $269, Lenovo 10e Chromebook tablet is for sure one of the best ChromeOS tablets owing to its extra-durability and powerful performance.

It is designed to be light and compact with a large Dragontrail Pro glass display that is protected against cracks. This ChromeOS tablet is powered by 2.00 GHz, 4-core MediaTek 8183 Processor that provides it with the incredible capabilities to deliver at its best.

Be it for watching favorite videos or exploring other digital AR reality, the tablet promises the best experience. Best for students for Kindergarten up to grade 2, the tablet has all that makes learning for the little ones an easy and contributing affair.

The folio keyboard, which is optional, makes the entire learning process for students useful and handy. Its battery life is strong with 10 hours of performance that makes continuous usage a great possibility. It supports both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

5. Google Pixel Slate​

Google Pixel Slate

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Now do we really need to mention how awesome this tablet is? one of the best in market, Google Pixel Slate is embedded with molecular display for sharp picture quality.

It also helps you to multi-task with split-screen functionality. Also, it makes your work easy with built-in google docs, sheets and slides. Hence, you can work offline as well.

Another best thing about Google Pixel Slate is its battery life. 12 hour straight battery life is what you get with Google Pixel Slate. It also imbibes a finger print unlock system which secures your tab.

Pixel Slate has a Chrome OS that gets some cool automatic updates which helps your tablet to have the latest features. You know what’s more interesting? You get Pixelbook pen that just intensify your working experience with the Google Pixel Slate.

Also the Google Assistance, can we really forget to mention it? Definitely not! With Google Assistance, you can get ask questions, set reminders, add tasks or play music, hence, you get to do any possible thing.

Quick glance at some of the exclusive features of Google Pixel Slate:

  • Molecular Display
  • Helps in Multi-Tasking
  • Enduring Battery Life
  • Fast Charging
  • Chrome OS
  • Fast Processing

Hence, Google Pixel Slate is certainly among the top 3 Chrome OS tablets that you will love to have.

6. Acer Chromebook Tab 10​

Acer Chromebook Tab 10

Available Online at Amazon

Moving forward to Acer Chromebook Tab 10, the tab has some exclusively amazing features than can lead you in dilemma as to what could be the best buy. Well, now that depends on you. Coming to the features, first can be the Chrome OS.

Similarly to other tablets, even Acer Chromebook Tab 10 is well processed due to its operating system. Also, you get amazing all day battery life which can further help you to work all day without any hassle of charging time and again.

 Acer Chromebook Tab 10 Specs
ProcessorARM Dual-Core OP1 RK3399 Processor
GraphicsARM Mali-T864
Display9.7-inch QXGA (2048 x 1536) IPS Touch

Chrome OS is not just about long battery life, it delivers an intuitive use, fast processing and enhanced security system which will further enhance your user experience.  Getting a notch higher with the Wacom technology pen, you get a natural feel to write and work.

Talking about the display, Acer Chromebook Tab 10 has display with 2048 x 1536 QXGA resolutions that successfully delivers undoubtedly best and crisp display. Another best thing apart from the gorgeous display is that the tablet has included stylus.

Acer, since last few years, has been able to make its place in the market. Now, with every feature counted, the tab is surely one of the best yet it might not just do justice to the price. Well, we’ll leave it on you to decide.

Let’s now have a quick recap of all features of Acer Chromebook Tab 10:

  • 9 hour long battery life
  • Gorgeous display
  • 2048 x 1536 QXGA resolution
  • Inbuilt Stylus
  • Wacom technology pen

This is all about Acer Chromebook Tab 10. An exclusive Chrome OS tablet which might be a little high priced as per the features.

7. ASUS Chromebook Tablet CT100

ASUS Chromebook Tablet CT100

ASUS Chromebook Tablet CT100 on Amazon

ASUS launched Chromebook Tablet CT100 in Q1 2019. What’s good about it, you ask? Well, the tab certainly defines innovative for you. With this tablet, ASUS has simply targeted the school students and budding artists to design their way and polish their skills on a digital platform.

The ASUS Chromebook is much more than that. The display is well covered with tempered glass and is 9.7 inch in size. It is also easy to carry for a school kid, the side 10mm chassis makes it easier for small hands to hold it without slipping it.

ASUS Chromebook CT100 is inclusive of an inbuilt stylus frame that keeps it well protected from getting misplaced. Along with enduring battery life, the tab is all that your kid needs to explore art and design or just to play some video games.

Battery life of this yet to launch ASUS Chromebook is sufficient for your child’s day at school, hence, keeping him from the trouble to charge again and again. Another best part about the tab is that it has been rated for drops up to 100cm which is average height of most tables and desks. Hence, now you even don’t have to worry about handing it over to your child.

8. Samsung Galaxy Chromebook

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook

Buy Samsung Galaxy Chromebook at Amazon

As the very name hints, Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is meant to unleash only the best. Combining the best aspects of Chromebook and Galaxy, this tablet has been engineered to set new goals.

It’s stunning 2-in-1 convertible designing with flexible hinge gives it the power to be used as an ideal convertible – as a laptop or a tablet. Priced at $999, this ultimate Chromebook tablet is designed to sport a “brushed aluminum finish” and is available in Fiesta Red and Mercury Grey colors. It is just 9.9mm thickness that gives it the ultra-slim look.

Users can enjoy maximum screen space as the bezel is at its minimum. Samsung Galaxy Chromebook’s 13.3 inches 4K AMOLED touchscreen display promises crisp, crystal clarity with incredible color coverage.

To further add to the overall power and productivity, the tablet comes with a built-in stylus that seamlessly merges with the styling. Also, it comes packed with almost all the powerful apps and is well protected with multi-layered security features.

9. ASUS Chromebook Flip C436

ASUS Chromebook Flip C436

Available Online on Amazon

This ASUS Chromebook Flip C436 with 14 inches FHD display is designed for better performance while assuring comfort and convenience. It is extremely light, weighing only 2.58 lbs and is just 13.7 mm in thickness.

Its magnesium-alloy chassis spells grace and style while users can enjoy unparalleled comfort by using it as a laptop or in tablet, tent or stand mode as per their need and convenience. ASUS Chromebook Flip C436 sports a 14-inch FHD display in a 13-inch chassis owing to the NanoEdge display design.

The overall viewing experience is bound to be extra satisfying with picture quality getting better and sharper. It is available in two soothing and striking colors which are Transparent Silver and Aerogel White. The 360° ErgoLift hinge of the device increases its ergonomic versatility by letting the display to be held securely in any given angle.

It also allows the keyboard to be used in the best position when the Chromebook is used in laptop mode. Priced at $799, ASUS Chromebook Flip C436 is powered by the 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor.

10. Lenovo ThinkPad C13 Yoga Chromebook

lenovo thinkpad c13 yoga chromebook

Buy at Amazon

Lenovo ThinkPad C13 Yoga Chromebook is another innovative Chromebook tablet that is now convertible. This hybrid tablet is sophisticated computing devices with better specifications than previous models and more options to customize.

The two-in-one tablet runs on an AMD Ryzen processor that can boost up to 3.5 GHz and two cores support it. Lenovo has provided 4GB DDR4 RAM, but it cannot be upgraded to higher RAM capacity, as it is soldered to the internal architecture.

That can be a downside for specific users, but it is made up for adding SSD storage options. One can use 128 GB of SSD storage for downloading movies and games, and it is much faster than any other hard drive.

The 13” two-in-one tablet comes with an IPS display, and both models of ThinkPad have impressive color gamut. Its form factor and lightweight design make a highly mobile device to carry to any workplace.

Chrome OS Tablets: Comparison With Android Tablets

Hopping onto the comparison between ever trending Android tablets and a tough competition Chrome OS tablets. Well, according to recent tabs rolled out, one thing that we can be pretty sure of is that Android tablets will be affected a lot due to Chrome OS tablets.

While Android tablets already have a great market and popularity, Chrome OS tabs too are in full trend and acing like pro. Even though the recent launches, Lenovo Chromebook Duet and Lenovo 10e Chromebook tablets have just been rolled out, they have successfully compelled buyers with their features.

The Chrome OS tablets are undeniably here to stay, with the features they have and packing up all that they need in a single device, tech firms do play smart. Also, by keeping the process low, they tend to win the half race already.

Connect Pixel Slate for desktop experience

Also, Chrome OS Tablets are well known for their enduring battery life which sadly any other OS could not achieve by now. There are various features that help Chrome OS tabs outrun Android ones. From price range to user friendly experience, Chromebooks just tend to be a wee better than others.

You can easily get your hands on Chrome OS tablets at an average of around $300, whereas other tablets are nearly $100 or more than that. Needless to mention about the better battery life and a larger screen size.

Other than these few features, Chrome OS tablets are more broadly preferred at school level as they do a fine job in writing essays, emails or even research. Along with the school work, you can also run apps on Chromebooks with help of Chrome Store. Hence, it comes par with Android tablets in this aspect as well.

If you wonder that you might not be able to use Microsoft Office on a Chrome OS Tab, well to your surprise, Microsoft has extended its subscription to Chromebooks as well. Hence, making it easier for you to use it. Although, a slight glitch here is that the older versions of Chromebooks might face troubles using it.

So now, Chrome OS tablets have successfully established themselves in market and are here to stay!


With grasping all details about Chrome OS tablets, we can finely state that the era of Chromebooks has finally begun. The features that a Chrome OS tab offers is at par with other tabs and are all that can make you want it. Tech firms have now started having Chrome OS in their products in order to provide more efficiency in processing and an enhanced user friendly experience.

Impressive battery life, gorgeous display, large screen size and much more. Chrome OS tablets are everything that you need for functioning in day-to-day routine. Yes, if you wish to go higher than just basic web browsing, or emails, you can look for something else.

The Chrome store offers compatible apps and being less expensive, Chromebooks are your thing. Without luring yourself into a high tech tablet which might not be of much use, get yourself a basic Chromebook that happens to fit your suitability along with your budget.

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    • I have listed the Top 3 Chrome OS tablets. CTL’s Chromebook tablet is no doubt a good tablet but it has not gained much popularity comparing the other Chrome OS tablets. But, you can definitely go with it. It’s cheaper than other Chrome tablets.

    • All the three Chrome OS tablets come with same specs. If we consider pricing, the Acer Chromebook Tab 10 and CTL Tx1 costs same while ASUS Chromebook CT100 is a bit expensive. But, for a bit higher price, ASUS Chromebook CT100 offers ruggedized design. Now, if you wants to choose one from the three, you can go with the brand you trust more as all the three brands are reputed. It’s a fact that CTL is not much popular in computer and tablet market but it manufactures great devices.


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