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10 Best Writing Tablets 2022 (Latest Models)

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A good writing tablet comes in handy when inspiration strikes. However, If you’re not sure which tablet you should go for, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Some tablets are designed specifically to meet the needs of writers.

A tablet is a computing solution falling somewhere between a smartphone and a pc. From graphic designing to working in extreme weather conditions, there are all sorts of suitable tablets available. So when choosing a tab, you should be specific about your primary requirements.

Writing tablets should have a fast processor and a good refresh rate for a smooth writing experience. This is quite important because any kind of lag while writing will ruin your creative mood and you will end up being more frustrated. In short, the tablet should be able to match the swiftness of your fingers.

Compatibility with the keyboard is another feature it should have. Earlier, tablets used to support a keyboard through OTG, but nowadays new tablets attach to keyboards through magnetic touch contact featuring NFC. Some tablets also have a pogo pin for attaching the keyboard to the tab. All in all, it’s up to you what works better for you.

The keyboards of tablets are smaller in size compared to those of laptops or computers. That said, you should consider the form factor of the keyboard when purchasing a writing tablet. More or less, the keyboards are the same but if you do not like something in particular with any keyboard, you shouldn’t ignore that.

Another crucial feature is a stylus and related functionality. If you want to take quick handwritten notes, the tablet should come with a stylus or at least compatible with it so that you can buy a stylus separately.

The tablets that have made it to our recommendations are compatible with a stylus, and better yet, come with a stylus included. But again, not all styluses are equal. Some need to be charged, some don’t; some attach with the tablet via magnetic contact for charging while some don’t. It completely depends on your preferences as to what to choose.

A few styluses have replaceable pen tips for better writing and drawing experience. So, you might want to consider this fact while choosing a writing tablet. Tilt angle, response rate, pressure sensitivity, programmable buttons, palm detection, eraser tip are some other features of a stylus you might want to consider before buying a writing tablet.

While writing and keeping your notes safe in a tablet, it is crucial to ensure that the tablet has enough storage that matches your requirement and has fingerprint or facial recognition features for security. Tablets these days have improved battery performance for long-lasting use on a single charge. This way, you can write endless stories on your tablet without interruption.

If you’re not sure what you need to look for, don’t worry, we have considered all the factors and have made a list of recommendations for you. Just go through all of them and choose the one which matches your budget and needs the most.

Best Writing Tablets For 2022

What’s a more joyous and satisfactory feeling than pouring your heart out on paper without even the slightest discomfort? The tablets we have chosen for you have all you need for your writing needs.

However, you shouldn’t overlook other features as well. See which additional features can fulfill your needs and wants, and fits your budget as well. That’s the writing tablet you should buy.

We have gathered the best picks for writing tabs for you and shared our reviews. At the end of the article, I’ll tell you which tablet I’d select if I needed a writing tablet.

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 | S8 Plus | S8 Ultra

samsung galaxy tab s8 2022
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

Android tablets have a bad rep to them but the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series could change that for good.

A successor to the Tab S7 series, the models are a breakthrough, especially for users on the hunt for a tablet with larger display. This is one of the best competitors for the staple iPad Air 2022.

The largest of the three, S8 Ultra is equipped with a 14.6” display, which overshadows a lot of the other available tablets in the similar price range. Integrated with a responsive AMOLED display in the S8 Ultra, the Tab S8 is equipped with an LCD display panel, which is equally bright and responsive.

Featuring a combination of high processing power with the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and up to 16GB RAM that supports elegant and power-efficient functioning of the device. The model is powered by the Android 12 OS for access to all the latest applications and functionalities.

If you are looking for a premium writing tablet that streamlines creativity and content creation, the Galaxy Tab S8 series is hands down the best pick in the market.

2. Apple iPad Pro

12.9-inch ipad pro 2021

The next up is the Apple iPad Pro powered with its M1 chip. Not for just writing, it is an all-round tablet for all your needs including professional graphic designing, gaming, video shooting, etc. The M1 chip makes it one of the fastest tablets of its kind.

Unlike most other tablets, you have to purchase an Apple Pencil separately. Apple claims that with an Apple Pencil, iPad Pro is the world’s best note-taking device. You can edit documents, create hand-written notes, and fill text fields with the utmost convenience.

You can either get an Apple Magic Keyboard or the Smart Keyboard Folio for an immersive writing experience. The key difference between the two is that the Magic Keyboard has an in-built trackpad while Smart Keyboard Folio doesn’t. Its backlit keys make it possible to write in any light conditions.

If storage capacity is the problem, don’t worry, you can even get a whopping 2TB storage now as well. The XDR display, 10 hours of usage on a single charge, 8GB/16GB RAM, and built-in apps make it a perfect writing tab.

3. BOOX Note Air 2

boox note air 2

Not just for writing, BOOX Note Air 2 is perfect for eReading as well. What makes BOOX Note Air 2 different from other Android tablets is e-Ink technology.

Its 10.3-inch screen features a paperlike screen – with more friction than a normal smooth screen- for a natural pen-on-paper writing experience.

It comes with a BOOX Pen Plus stylus touch with magnets which offers 4096 pressure sensitivity levels. Meaning, it provides an even natural writing feel. You can also choose BOOX Pen2 Pro alternatively.

The device runs on the Android 11 operating system and all compatible drawing and writing apps. Its software allows you to use different brush sizes and so many other related functions. It offers 4 GB RAM and 64 GB onboard storage. And not to mention free 5 GB cloud storage. This lets you write without being worried about getting out of space.

BOOX Note Air 2 has a strong Aluminum build. However, you can use a protective sleeve as additional safety and convenience.

4. Boogie Board Blackboard Writing Tablet

boogie board blackboard writing tablet

Blackboard tab by Boogie Board is a tablet just for your writing needs. It actually is a semi-transparent surface that allows you to write on it and erase.

When you’re done writing or drawing, you can simply scan it using the Blackboard app on iOS and Android and store it.

You can clear the entire screen by just pressing a single button and features a real erasing experience. You have to press and hold the erasing button while erasing so that you do not accidentally erase anything.

It works on a replaceable battery that lasts about 5 years so that you won’t have to worry about charging it. You can use Blackboard for drawing and tracing as well due to its semi-transparent surface. Blackboard also features lines and grid templates for a better writing experience.

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7/S7+

samsung galaxy tab s7 plus

The first on our list is Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7+. Both tablets are pretty much similar with a few key differences including, display size, type, screen resolution, and colors.

Both tablets are good, so you can choose either of two considering your budget, features, and convenience.

The tablet comes with a flagship S pen included and an optional keyboard. The S pen features ultra-low latency of 9ms and features quick air controls for presentations, camera, etc. It attaches to the back of the tablet via magnetic contact for charging and storage.

The book cover keyboard provides Samsung’s standard DeX (Desktop Experience) for a seamless writing experience along with a touchpad. It also has 16 intuitive function keys including Android specific keys and Samsung DeX key.

The Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ comes with Samsung Notes and Office apps. Moreover, handwriting to text, notes synchronization, and dark mode are some additional writing features you’d want to consider. It has Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ processor and 6GB/8GB RAM.

6. New Microsoft Surface Pro X

microsoft surface pro x 2021

Writing tablets are convenient, portable and easy to use. If you have been on a hunt for the best choice, the New Microsoft Surface Pro X is a pretty great option to look into

Touted as the most efficient and thinnest Surface laptop till date, the device is programmed to support your productivity like there’s no tomorrow.

The Microsoft SQ processor are custom-built processors that support immaculate performance and uninterrupted productivity throughout the day.

The access to Microsoft 365 Office console enables you to multitask and make the most out of the entertainment and caliber gaming. If you are worried about the display, it is equipped with a 13.3” PixelSense touch display with narrow bezels.

Pair that with the Surface Slim Pen 2 and you get precision writing and drawing experiences nailed to the ground. The device comes pre-loaded with the latest Windows 11 OS.

7. Apple iPad Air 2022 (5th Gen)

apple ipad air 5th gen with new smart keyboard folio
Apple iPad Air 5th Gen with new Smart Keyboard Folio

All-rounder tablets are hard to get your hands on. However, the Apple iPad Air 5th Gen makes it a reality, especially with the refreshed design and the list of specifications that the model features.

The tablet is powered by the 8-core M1 chipset that streamlines writing and content creation experience for the users.

Available in five stunning colors, the model comes in four variants with varying RAM and storage configurations. The 64GB and 256GB variants are no doubt the bestsellers, especially with the 5G connectivity options. The model is equipped with a 10.9” Liquid Retina display with True Tone technology for crisp and vivid visuals.

Another highlight in this model is the combination of the 12MP front-facing camera with Center Stage that works with the subject’s movement to keep them in the frame. The tab runs on the iPad OS 15 and is upgradable to the 15.3 version, which is a bonus. Featuring an all-aluminum build, the model is lightweight but durable at the same time.

8. reMarkable 2

remarkable 2

reMarkable 2 is a paper tablet that works on a completely different concept. It has a canvas display unlike LED or LCD displays of general-purpose tablets.

The canvas display is similar to the display of kindle tablets. The digital ink simply reflects the light instead of illuminating a zillion minuscule pixels.

Simply put, reMarkable 2 is a paper given some superior digital powers. The tablet is twice as fast as its predecessor. That said, it responds quicker to the strokes of the stylus. When you write on it, it gives the same feeling as writing on real paper with a pen.

With reMarkable 2, you can also write on any pre-existing document. Meaning, you can edit any PDF documents or put your signature on any important documents without needing to print them out. It can also convert your handwritten notes to text.

All in all, if you’re looking for a distraction-free writing tablet, reMarkable 2 is the best choice for you. Moreover, you can also use it as an E-reading tablet.

9. Apple iPad 10.2 (9th Gen.)

apple ipad 9th gen 2021

When it comes to writing tablets, there is nothing that beats the functionalities of the Apple iPad 10.2 (9th Gen.).

This device is a public favorite and all because of the sleek and versatile design and multipurpose functions.

Not just for work, gaming and entertainment, this iPad is available at an incredible value and offers you access to optimal productivity.

The device is available in two color variants and is powered by the A13 Bionic chipset.

It is programmed with up to 256GB storage for optimal data storage and transfer. The 1080p HD video recording enables users to make the most use out of the HD resolution.

As for the display, the Apple iPad is equipped with a 10.2” diagonal LED-backlit multi-touch display with IPS technology. It is backed with 1620p screen resolution and the True tone display for enhanced visuals and color reproduction.

10. Royole RoWrite 2

royole rowrite 2

This is a completely new sort of writing technology. With Royole RoWrite 2 you can write on real A5 papers with the stylus it comes with and can sync those notes and writing pieces on your digital device.

The tablet comes with an indentation where you’re supposed to place the stylus for charging. It comes in a padfolio structure and has a notebook of real pages. So whenever you take this padfolio, you can write, draw, take notes, and sync them in a digital file using their app simultaneously or later.

If you’re a person who loves to write on real paper but is also a fan of technology, this is a perfect note-taking tablet for you. Its price is under 100 USD, considering that, the price point is quite reasonable and all can afford it.

RoWrite 2 tablet is pretty much different than the one we have on the list, reMarkable 2. However, it completely depends on your preferences whether you want to go with a tablet that offers digital paper or real paper!


I hope our list has helped you out with selecting the writing tablet perfect for you. If I want an iOS device, I’d surely go with an iPad Pro. It features the best combination of features and specifications of Apple that makes the tablet perfect for any needs including writing.

However, if you don’t need such a high-end device but still want an iOS tablet, you can go with 5th Gen. iPad Air and iPad 10.2”. The same goes for Android tablets. The best writing tablet working on Android interface, Samsung Galaxy S7/S7+ is the ultimate device. And if you don’t want and need the extra features you can always save money by choosing the Blackboard by Boogie Board.

Microsoft Surface tablets are suitable for workaholic people. Its convenient design lets you work immersively. If you prefer to work on the Windows platform, you should choose any of the two Surface tabs we added to our list.

Lastly, if you do not need an Internet connection to research-and-write and want a distraction-free creative writing tablet, Blackboard, BOOX Note Air 2, reMarkable 2, and Royole RoWrite 2 are the best bet for you. This digital ink and paper technology is new and innovative, and RoWrite 2 has nailed it with creating digital documents from writing on real A5 papers.

Conclusively, all tablets we have included are currently the best writing tablets on the market. So choose a tablet that matches your needs without hesitation!

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  1. A tablet and a stylus has significantly improved my work flow for note taking and productivity.
    But if you don’t want to spend that much money. I would say the XP-Pen drawing tablet and a laptop are also a good solution.


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