What is a tablet? All that you need to know about tablets

The beginning of a week and an important worksheet that your boss needs today is on your bulky laptop back at home and inaccessible. You are clueless on how to reach it except that you need to go back and get it which will make you late for office and your backpack heavy.

all about tablets

A virtual real-time game that you are good at is all that you can think of because if you do not complete that level now, you are going to lose out your global rank to a competitor. But as luck would have it, you need to get back home from college and only then could you use your desktop to play.

Worry not folks, because a tablet is here to save your day.

Similar in looks to smartphones but just a wee bit larger in size, tablets are the talk of the tech town when you need to be on the go and connected. Light in weight, easily handled, and fast, a tablet helps you to do almost all the work that you could do on a computer. The best part of a tablet is its touchscreen. Every task is done using gestures and an onscreen keyboard which also saves a lot of time.

Uses and features of tablets

Tablets are specially designed for being used while traveling. As they are not heavy and carrying them in your hand is easy and comfortable too.

Few things that you could do with a tablet are:

  • Web browsing
  • Official and personal networking
  • Send emails
  • Gaming
  • Watch movies and listen to music
  • Read eBooks
  • Voice calling and video calling
  • Click pictures

You can add essential applications to your tablets to make your work easier. You could also download games and connect it to your account which enables you to continue playing from your last saved level.

Tablet OS

A tablet can be differentiated by its operating system. As of now, there are five primary operating systems in the market namely, Windows, iOS, Android, Fire OS and now Chrome OS.

  • Ranking as per users:
    • 1. iOS(iPad)
    • 2. Android
    • 3. Windows
    • 4. Fire OS
    • 5. Chrome OS
    • Other
  • Apple manufactures the iPad with iOS, and all the tablets have the same setups and similar user interface.
  • Android, on the other hand, is more brand specific. As there are several tablet manufacturers, each of them customizes their user interface and preferences keeping the operating system core base as Android. Some of the popular brands manufacturing android tablets are Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei, etc…
  • Windows tablet now comes with latest OS i.e. Windows 10 but are not as widely used as iOS or Android. People looking for a tablet with keyboard choose Windows tablet over other ones.
  • Chrome OS was recently introduced for tablets in 2018 and the first chrome OS tablet was introduced by Acer, the Chromebook Tab 10.
  • Fire tablets by amazon are popular due to lower price and better configurations.


Every gadget has its specific set of user instructions. You can use your tablet with some very basic gestures which shall help you execute all your work in a jiffy without having to connect a keyboard or mouse to it. Some of the most commonly used gestures are as follow:

  • You can tap the touchscreen to activate it and also launch any application. This is similar to the left click on your computer with a mouse.
  • When you tap and hold the touchscreen, it can show special menus to you for further action, or it could help you select the text and drag till the portion you want to edit or copy or delete.
  • When you are reading anything, you need to move up and down to progress further. The Scroll feature helps you to do this. All you need to do is touch a blank part the screen and swipe up or down.
  • When you need to move from one picture to the other or from one page of a document to the next, you need to swipe as per the required direction.
  • To read small texts and see images in a more precise way, you need to zoom into it. Or if the text that you can see is too large, you would need to zoom out. For this, you have a feature called pinch and zoom which helps you to zoom in and zoom out.
  • The double tap gesture can also be used to zoom in or out of content being shown on your touchscreen and also for selecting some fields to enter data.


A tablet outshines any laptop or computer due to some of the benefits attached to it. For frequent commuters, these are the ideal companions for work and leisure. The affordability, portability, accessibility, and user-friendliness of a tablet make it a winner for tech-savvy individuals. Some of the significant benefits of tablets are as below:

  • As the description of a tablet says that it is like a computer, you can understand that it can be used as a computer but cannot function entirely like one. Hence with the lower level of functionality, the cost of hardware is also low. This causes an overall reduction in the marginal retail price and makes it easily affordable to consumers.
  • Thanks to the dimensions, a tablet can easily be carried around as they are not bulky and are also made so that they can be easily held in hand. Unlike a laptop, they can fit into a regular bag without taking up much space.
  • It is all about the touch. You can do everything on your tablet only with the help of the touchscreen. Usage of all the gestures is also through touch. Some tablets are provided with the facility of connecting mouse and keyboard to it, but they are only used on an optional basis.
  • Like a laptop or computer, a tablet do not make keyboard typing, cooling fan or other noise. You can always work on your tablet without disturbing anyone in the surrounding, and it is silent.
  • You can use a tablet both for professional and personal purposes. Although it is ideal for anyone to do their office work using a tablet, even students can use the tablet easily to read e-books, finish assignments or play games in their free time.

So now that you have all the necessary information about tablets, go and get the one you like and live your life on the move!

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  1. I recently bought an IT tablet and I have a lot of trouble with it will not keep the desktop nor can I get it to revert back to factory settings

  2. recently went to use my tablet it would not do anything except lept showing fire download, Today it is showing only a shape of a battery. what is happening? It is 3 years old. The batttery show a red line acoss the top of the shape of the battery and that is all I am getting. Help please


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