XP-Pen Unleashes Artist 22 Plus Pen Display

XP-Pen Unveils Artist 22 Plus

For all the people in the creative space who use digital canvas for drawing, we have some exciting news coming from XP-Pen. Many of the artists might already know about XP-Pen, but for those who don’t know, XP-Pen is a big name in the world of creative tech. The brand has unveiled a new digital … Read more

XP-Pen Artist 10 (2nd Gen) Pen Display Review

xp-pen artist 10 2nd gen review

Just when you thought it’s so hard to decide what graphics pen tablet/display to get in an already crowded market, XP-PEN have decided to make the choice even harder, with yet another new device in their second generation ‘Artist’ range – the Artist 10 (2nd Gen) Pen Display!  To help you with your choice, it’s … Read more

XP-Pen Launches Artist 12 (2nd Gen) Powered by X3 Smart Chip

xp-pen launches artist 12 2nd gen

XP-Pen recently launched a new pen display, Artist 12 2nd generation. If you already have its predecessor, XP-Pen Artist 12, you may want to get this new generation pen display because it comes with new upgrades and better functionalities at almost the same price. It’s a good trade actually. The new generation tab is introducing … Read more

XP-Pen adds two new wireless Bluetooth models to its Deco Pro Series

xp-pen launches deco pro sw and mw

XP-Pen launched Bluetooth/wireless models in the Deco Pro series – the Deco Pro SW and Deco Pro MW. XP-Pen is one of the leading suppliers of display tablets, pen tablets, and stylus. It is a pioneering manufacturer and designer of tablets and stylus and had been exclusively serving creative professionals, teachers, students, and many art … Read more

XP-Pen Deco Fun L Review

xp-pen deco fun l review

The ‘Deco Fun’ is a newly released pen tablet from XP-PEN. Available in three sizes – Deco Fun XS, Deco Fun S and Deco Fun L (small, medium and large basically!) plus in four colour variants of Classic Black, Space Blue, Carmine Red and Apple Green, it’s the latter today we’re taking a look at. … Read more