XP-Pen adds two new wireless Bluetooth models to its Deco Pro Series

XP-Pen launched Bluetooth/wireless models in the Deco Pro series – the Deco Pro SW and Deco Pro MW. XP-Pen is one of the leading suppliers of display tablets, pen tablets, and stylus.

xp-pen deco pro

It is a pioneering manufacturer and designer of tablets and stylus and had been exclusively serving creative professionals, teachers, students, and many art enthusiasts.

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Amongst many of its product categories, the Deco Pro series of XP-Pen is one of the most popular and widely recognized categories of pen tablets.

The “XP-Pen Deco Pro series” is well-crafted with a premium designed aluminum case and is featured with a thin and sleek curved casing. The products of the Deco pro series are known for their attractive streamlined body which gives an alluring appearance.

Looks, features and Build quality

Recently, the XP-Pen has newly launched the much-awaited wireless Bluetooth models in its Deco Pro Series: the SW and MW. With this new launch, the XP-Pen has once again proved its creative and innovative side.

The product caters to the emerging needs of the people. The newly launched wireless models consist of 8 exclusive shortcut keys and smart dual wheels which make the workflow smoother, faster, and easier.

These innovative and advanced features crafted in the new models bring the customers a whole new experience of drawing and the sleek design has turned many heads since the release of the product. The ultra-thin and streamlined look has been greatly appreciated and liked by the people.

The Deco pro Series have won 2 international awards. The integration of the advanced Bluetooth v5.0 chips enables flawless and reliable wireless connections in the new Deco Pro SW and MW wireless models.

As reported by XP-Pen, the wireless indoor working area for the models is more than 3 to 4 meters which adds even more space for the user’s creation. This waives off the limitation of using the device in any corner of the room.


The audience have reportedly liked the sleek and slim look of the device and the 7mm streamlined body consisting of a potent battery adds to its aristocracy. A large capacity battery has been smartly incorporated within the slim body of the device enabling a long battery life.

This potentially caters to the needs of those who need to work round the clock in the Bluetooth mode. The device comes with a switch on its back which is used for turning the stylus on and off. The audience has liked this new model exclusively for its mighty endurance, good battery life and attractive design.

Compatibility and flexibility

The company claims that the products are crafted for providing smarter control and greater achievement. The Deco Pro Series supports Mac OS, Windows, ChromeOS, Android systems as well as Linux systems and are compatible with most of the design or drawing software such as Photoshop, SAI, Illustrator, painter, and many more. With this new launch, the company aims to empower the users’ creativity.

The anti-slip design has also added an x-factor to the newly launched device. The 192 pressure sensitivity levels and the 60 degree tilt functions offer great flexibility for the users and it can easily be used for shadowing, drawing some delicate strokes of the brush, and allows to present each subtle detailing.

Awards won

The Deco Pro series of XP-Pen has been awarded the “Red Dot Design Award of 2019” and “Good Design Award of 2018”. XP-Pen’s Deco Pro series has remained one of the most widely used and popular product series of the brand, but the wireless models were probably the much-awaited device. It allows the users to get rid of the USB data cables and thus enhances the drawing experience to a whole new level.

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