Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Liberty Special Edition is available now

microsoft surface pro 9 liberty special edition is available now

Microsoft introduced Surface Pro 9 Liberty Special Edition (SE) by merging new and classic designs with Liberty and Windows 11 Bloom. The company was celebrating the success of the Surface series and its 150 years of legacy at a world-renowned global design house. The special edition, which is built with the collaboration of a London-based … Read more

Microsoft Event September 2021 New Launches

microsoft launches new windows 11 devices at sept 2021 event

A couple of weeks before the launch of the Microsoft Windows 11 operating system, Microsoft did a live stream of its Surface Event today. To your surprise, the company has launched new surface tablets, made new updates on existing devices, and introduced a new accessory as well. The tech giant has been raising tablet standards … Read more

Microsoft Surface Go 2 vs. Surface Pro 7

Microsoft Surface Go 2 vs Surface Pro 7

Microsoft Surface Go 2 tablet is finally here and maybe you’re wondering what good Microsoft has decided to put into this slate. Well, at first glance, it looks a lighter and a smaller version of Microsoft Surface Pro 7, which was launched the previous year. In this article, I am going to compare both the … Read more