Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Liberty Special Edition is available now

microsoft surface pro 9 liberty special edition is available now

Microsoft introduced Surface Pro 9 Liberty Special Edition (SE) by merging new and classic designs with Liberty and Windows 11 Bloom. The company was celebrating the success of the Surface series and its 150 years of legacy at a world-renowned global design house.

The special edition, which is built with the collaboration of a London-based design company Liberty is a 2-in-1 signature device of Microsoft that takes its inspiration from Windows 11’s desktop wallpaper.

The collaboration shows off a Surface Pro-Liberty Keyboard with Slim Pen 2, now available in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Japan (limited supply available).

The principal hardware designer of Microsoft (Elliott Hsu) designed the laser engraved Surface Pro 9 Liberty Special Edition of Microsoft and printed keyboard, which incorporates the elaborate florals owned by Liberty. Their collaboration looks so natural that Liberty appears to be a very own branch of the Windows 11 Bloom.

microsoft surface pro 9 liberty special edition

Bloom was introduced to the world by Windows 11 in 2021. It looks more like the very first image if you remember the Windows screen, a desktop wallpaper that represented starting afresh with this OS (operating system).

The design drew its inspiration from flowers and was created fully in the digital space. Many were fascinated by this innovation by the design team at Liberty.

While Microsoft’s designers focus on the technology part of the creative journey, designers at Liberty’s go out with pens, pencils, and paper to make sketches.

They take inspiration from the surroundings and the real world. The design depicts the British DNA of design. So great brains collaborated to create Microsoft’s Bloom flower that symbolizes Windows 11.

Liberty won millions of hearts over the years since 1875 and even today continues to stay relevant for its quality, creativity, and desire to come up with something innovative for its admirers.

The most interesting thing about this brand is; it can persuade all age groups with its fascinating designs, be it 19 or 90. The company’s old designs continue to motivate the present team, and they never fail to go back and get motivated.

However, recently, the relationship between Liberty and Microsoft began in 2019. But the pandemic slowed down the work progress. Yet, the companies rehearsed something, and this special edition came into existence. The idea was to make PCs prominent in daily life and routine usage.

The pandemic taught us PCs and devices are an integral part of our life in this digital world. Be it professional or personal, we need them in everything we do in our day-to-day life. We cannot ignore technology in this digital era, as it has become a necessity in our everyday life.

Therefore, both Microsoft and Liberty decided to design it in a certain way so that it becomes one with the environment inside your home, making it a center of attraction.

Surface has seen many designs over the years, but now after the arrival of Windows 11, the companies chose the 10th anniversary of Surface as an opportunity to translate Bloom into a new stylish device to create a new style statement for you.

The creation of the Surface Special Edition has been an interesting journey for both Microsoft and Liberty. The laser engraving on the device merges fashion and technology brilliantly, like a captivating piece of jewellery. The collaboration worked fantastically for this project.

Both Microsoft and Liberty intend to continue with their passion for innovation that can connect the buyers and the manufacturer personally and emotionally.

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