Microsoft Compares Surface Pro 7 With Apple iPad Pro in New Video

Microsoft is back with its comparisons in their latest ad, and they proved that their Surface Pro 7 is a better mobile device than Apple iPad Pro, but Microsoft Surface completely ignored some key categorical differences that set the two devices apart. The face-off between these two companies is nothing new because Microsoft started this marketing campaign in January.

The commercial does highlight some great head-to-head comparisons and takes on how Surface Pro 7 can give more value to the end-user than an iPad Pro. Microsoft has followed the same formula for both comparison videos where they claimed Surface Pro 7 is a better fit than MacBook Pro and iPad Pro. In the latest commercial, there were many instances in which Microsoft tried to mock iPad Pro ownership.

The “Still the Better Choice” title makes the Surface Pro 7 look like it’s the best tablet cum laptop in every category, but the ad only highlights four of them- connectivity, design, power, and price. Microsoft makes some good points highlighting the built-in kickstand and lightweight keyboard.

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The Surface Pro 7 has three additional ports on top of the basic USB-C port, and they are USB-A, a headphone jack, and a proprietary Surface Connect port. These specifications were used to make a strong case against iPad Pro and how it lacked high-level connectivity features.

Apple cannot be discounted in the connectivity category because they do provide Smart Connector for the Magic keyboard. The next thing the actor in the video brings up is power, and he blatantly states the iPad Pro to be “just a tablet.” Now, the Surface Pro 7 is designed to bridge the gap between a tablet and a laptop, while the iPad Pro is a powerful option in the computing world. Both are very different, and they target separate audiences, so it is not an accurate comparison from Microsoft.

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The Surface Pro 7 can be a full computer and also a tablet, but it doesn’t mean that it can meet every consumer need. That is also not to say that Surface Pro 7 can’t function properly or increase productivity for users. It’s just not a good comparison.

The commercial omitted some major features that make iPad Pro the best option in the marketplace. The flawless display that every Apple user loves was not brought into the discussion, and they also avoided Apple’s superior camera system. The only plausible comment made in the video is about Magic Keyboard being a bit heavier than Surface Pro 7’s keyboard cover.

If we look at the previous video, Microsoft compares Surface Pro 7 with Macbook Pro, and it claims the touchscreen is a better choice than the Touch Bar. This simply makes Microsoft position itself to provide a better tablet/computer experience.

Finally, the video ends with the actor bringing up the price tags of both tablet devices, and he highlights how Surface Pro 7 is better in every area while also being an affordable option. The iPad Pro shown in the video is a 12.9″ base model, roughly costing around $1000.

The base model of Surface Pro 7 costs only $750, and the additional accessories do not cost as much as $350 like the Apple’s Magic keyboard. The price is higher with iPad Pro models, but we should overlook the value it brings to every user in multiple ways.

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