RCA Viking Pro 10-inch Tablet Review

RCA Viking Pro 10-inch Tablet

The electronics industry has a come a long way if we compare the products that are selling right now with the products that are being sold a few decades earlier. Gone are the days when people did not have more options if they want to buy a computer system. There were few brands and models … Read more

Victbing V07G 7-inch 3G Tablet Review

Victbing V07G 7-inch 3G tablet

Victbing introduces V07G, a 7-inch 3G tablet which works excellently with any 2G or 3G network and can be used for any routine tasks, enjoying videos, or surfing the web. Dual Sim card options enable users to connect with any 2G GSM and 3G WCDMA network. A slim and sleek profile is comfortable on the … Read more

KuBi M3-T 10-inch Review: Tablet with octa-core processor

KuBi M3-T 10-inch tablet

Tablets are ideal for every day computing due to its compact size and tons of features. With the introduction of a lot of new players, there is stiff competition in this segment. KuBi M3-T 10-inch is yet another device which offers superb features, brilliant hardware, and vibrant display at very reasonable pricing.You can stay connected … Read more

TenYiDe 108 Tablet Review: Comes in two different designs

TenYiDe 108 android tablet

Today every individual look for variety in products they purchase. People have become smart enough with the evolving technology and making a fool of them is no longer a cakewalk for businesses. Today, before buying anything, people compare the price on various platforms; ask their friend if the product is worth that price and in … Read more

Android vs Windows Tablet: Which one should you buy?

android tablets vs windows tablets

We use tablets for an array of things. We watch films, send emails, check out on Tinder, engage in Twitter wars, create SOP for an interview, do an entire academic dissertation, click candid photos… the possibilities are endless. Today, tablets have almost become synonymous with laptops for their amazing features that are upgraded after every … Read more