Google Unveils New Android Features Coming This Season

new android features coming fall 2021

Google is making Android more and more powerful with its updates throughout the year. With Android 11 already out there, Google is bringing new features to power it up and improve its usefulness. These new features will add convenience, provide additional security, and make entertainment more fun and easy to access. This article will run … Read more

iPad vs. Android Tablets

iPad vs Android Tablets

Tablets have been around for almost two decades, but it skyrocketed in the market in April 2010, when Apple hit the gadget world with the launch of iPad. However, it was easy for Apple to do so because it has already overlapped the marketplace with iPhone, running on the same operating system iOS. iPad instantly … Read more

Victbing V10W 10-inch Android Tablet Review

Victbing V10W 10-inch cheap tablet

What is $69 for you? For eating burgers or contributing to your friends’ party and a lot more! What if I say you can buy a smart tablet at this price? Surprised! Yes, you heard it right, Victbing V10W is a new tablet launched in the market offering great features at such a less price. … Read more

Pisen HN-PAD-7-PS 7-inch Tablet Review

Pisen HN-PAD-7-PS 7-inch Tablet

As our routines are more inclined towards the digital world, it is now also directed and controlled by gadgets that connect us through the world of full of opportunities. Imagine you are supported by the two most fundamental gadgets, i.e. mobile phone and a laptop. Now imagine that you get a powerful tablet like Pisen … Read more

Lectrus LECT-TAB1011S 3G Tablet Review

Lectrus LECT-TAB1011S 3G Tablet

Tablets have always been used as a backup for your quick needs, and nothing gets better than Lectrus LECT-TAB1011S 3G tablet with its fantastic features that can be used as a superb backup device. It is also referred to as a Phablet that can replace your old, cringy laptops. By looking at the specs, it … Read more