Google Unveils New Android Features Coming This Season

Google is making Android more and more powerful with its updates throughout the year. With Android 11 already out there, Google is bringing new features to power it up and improve its usefulness.

These new features will add convenience, provide additional security, and make entertainment more fun and easy to access. This article will run you through key Android features coming this season.

It is now possible to control an Android device with facial gestures. Camera Switches and Project Activate are two new features that will make it easier to use Android devices for people with speech and motor disabilities.

With Camera Switch, you can touch, click, and navigate through the phone using the front cam as a switch. This will eliminate the use of a keyboard, mouse, or touching the screen to use your Android smartphone.

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Its other app, Project Activate allows users to use eye movements and facial gestures to perform certain tasks. For instance, you can say a phrase to activate a preset command, a laughing gesture for ‘playing music’, or simply sending text messages.

The app Lookout is now able to read handwritten notes as well. This feature will be quite helpful for people with blindness and low vision. In its document mode, Lookout is able to read printed and handwritten notes in Latin-based languages.

In more than 14 countries at this time, Google is bringing a TV remote for your Android TV. It’s quite frustrating when you can’t find the remote hidden in the couch.

But thanks to this new feature, you’ll be able to switch on Google TV or other Android OS TVs and navigate using your smartphone. This also makes it comfortable to write passwords and browse TV shows and movies.

Managing day-to-day tasks using Google Assistant is another exciting feature. You just have to say “Hey Google, open my reminders.” There you’ll find all your existing reminders and suggestions for your to-do lists based on your preferences so far.

You can use your voice further to set up recurring reminders for meetings or watering your plants. All in all, Google Assistant will assist you better with setting your reminders.

A new feature, Android Auto will make your commuting more convenient, entertaining, and even productive. With the help of Google Assistant, it makes recommendations for your favorite music, podcasts, and news. You can play games while you’re parked or waiting for your order at a drive-through outlet using GameSnacks.

Android Auto’s work profile puts your work messages and meeting on top priority while commuting. It also offers to choose from your Dual SIM to make calls when using the app. Android Auto’s Waze feature provides an improved navigating experience as well.

Nevertheless, these features will only work with a compatible car. Although, Google has provided a resource on how to use Google Auto in a non-compatible car.

You can now use a Locked Folder on Google Photos to securely put private images and videos. This feature is quite helpful because files on Google Photos appear on all your devices you signed in. With this feature, private files will remain private.

Google Keyboard also gets an update. It will bring 1500 more stickers this fall. Moreover, it will feature an Emoji Kitchen, characterized by sending combinations of different emojis.

Its Smart Compose will use Android’s Machine Learning abilities to make precise word and phrase suggestions. Copy-pasting is also more convenient now with new features.

With Nearby Share, you now can control who can discover you. You can choose between your contacts, everyone, or no one. And lastly, exclusive to Pixel, the Heads Up feature will be available on through digital wellbeing app on Android 9 and later.

Source: Google Blog

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