Pisen HN-PAD-7-PS 7-inch Tablet Review

As our routines are more inclined towards the digital world, it is now also directed and controlled by gadgets that connect us through the world of full of opportunities. Imagine you are supported by the two most fundamental gadgets, i.e. mobile phone and a laptop. Now imagine that you get a powerful tablet like Pisen HN-PAD-7-PS 7-inch tablet that substitutes both of the other smart devices instantaneously.

Pisen HN-PAD-7-PS Tablet

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Two-in-one like none other

As we are moving towards the digital transformation, people from every field are in a need of powerful yet cost effective electronic devices that can assist them to cope with the day-to-day activities. Laptop and smartphone are helping individuals to their job proficiently. Although sometimes it is quite hard to cope with the diversified scenario where the person really needs to get things one both through their smartphone and laptop. Moreover, if the person is in the hectic schedule and he is supposed to make a call to a client and send a mail to its subordinate with the file stored in his laptop, then the situation gets tough as he needs to use both the things simultaneously in order to get the most out of them.

The phone is a constant companion while the laptop computer is the arsenal that helps the people to a not only store but create, edit and transfer files urgently and quickly.

Pisen HN-PAD-7-PS Tablet Box

What is a person gets both the benefits at the same time? Meaning, he can leverage the multipurpose usage of the smartphone while doing all the things that required him to open his laptop or personal computer. Moreover, the cost of the device is affirmative enough that from a casual to the executive user can afford the device. It has the similar processing capabilities like computers and the benefits of the smartphone device both on the same board.

Although it would certainly have its own cons as you cannot literally put both the things at the same time. However, based on the user needs and the targeted segment for such devices, it is possible and currently available to get a device that can do both for your at the same time.

Perfect hardware system for perfect people

Tablets are now a mainstream electronic gadgets. They are user-friendly, cost-effective and objective-oriented devices. The Pisen HN-PAD-7-PS 7-inch Tablet has successfully fulfilled all the condition mentioned previously. At the core, it has Intel ARM-Cortex-A53 processor with four cores and the clock frequency of 1.3 GHz. It is surprising and attractive to see an Intel processor with a decent clock frequency in such a competitive price range.

Want Android?

Yes, this tablet has the most favorite operating system of the users. It supports Android open source operating system that allows its users to get all their routine tasks done seamlessly on this device the same they are doing with their regular smartphones. As it is an Android-based operating system, the user will be able to do all of his work which was previously been done from a smartphone through this tablet. As far as the version of the Android operating system is concerned, it supports Android 5.1. As a matter of fact, almost every app that is available over the Google Play Store has supported android version above 4.0. Hence, this tablet supports almost all the android application.

Massive Display with smart configuration

Pisen HN-PAD-7-PS Display

With 7 inch IPS display along with 1024 x 600 pixel resolution, this smart device boast 5 point capacitive touch screen that give brilliant user experience overall. With the 1 GB of RAM on board along with 8 GB of internal memory, the user can easily store basic applications. Although the user will certainly need more storage capacity in order to store files and other applications. Hence, the manufacturer has given memory cards slot that will allow the user to extend the memory of their device to 32 GB. Moreover, it supports TF card which gives smart process allocation and fast performance in accessing files.

With 2 megapixel of front camera people can leverage the video conferencing and talking to the people anytime and anywhere and get the things done instantly.

With the stereo speakers on board, the users can enjoy the multimedia content properly and effectively. Nowadays few devices in this price range give stereo speaker. Hence, it is one of the major addition the buyer gets when they purchase this gadget as they can utilize the stereo speakers for phone calls, audio chatting, video chatting, watching movies, listening to music, etc. Thank to the built-in microphone in this device, you can seamlessly have a call without needing earphones thanks to the combo of microphone and stereo speakers.

Get a complete package from sensors and other I/O ports

Pisen HN-PAD-7-PS Tablet Slots and Keys

The device has an accelerator, G Sensor for better user experience. Moreover, if a user wants to showcase the contents of the tablet screen in a large television or a projector, they can do so with the HDMI port available in this device. Imagine how easy it is to simply cast your content, presentation, document into the large screen in no time thanks to the advanced HDMI port on the device.


With 5V 2A charger, you can recharge the batteries in this device. For the wireless experience, the device supports WiFi with built-in 802.11b/g WLAN card. One of the most important parts of this device that it is cost friendly. Tablets, in their forms, are considered to be the costliest gadgets, but not this one. It will cost you below 90 dollars only.

As more and more people are looking for portable devices these days, this device weighted around 260 grams can give you one of the best performance possible. Unlike its counterparts, this device has everything that a casual to heavy user can ask for. The specifications are mentioned on paper are smartly justified with a real-time performance that it gives to the user. This smart package is the best deal for anyone who is looking to upgrade their professional and personal uses of the smart devices.

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