The 10 Best 7-inch Tablets For 2024 (Latest Models)

best 7-inch tablets

If you’re looking for a portable tablet for entertainment and everyday use, check out our list of best 7-inch tablets for 2024 here. With tablets flooding the market, the competition is on never falling rise. You can witness a new variant of tablet being rolled out in market every now and then. Be it Samsung, … Read more

Pisen HN-PAD-7-PS 7-inch Tablet Review

Pisen HN-PAD-7-PS 7-inch Tablet

As our routines are more inclined towards the digital world, it is now also directed and controlled by gadgets that connect us through the world of full of opportunities. Imagine you are supported by the two most fundamental gadgets, i.e. mobile phone and a laptop. Now imagine that you get a powerful tablet like Pisen … Read more

Victbing V07G 7-inch 3G Tablet Review

Victbing V07G 7-inch 3G tablet

Victbing introduces V07G, a 7-inch 3G tablet which works excellently with any 2G or 3G network and can be used for any routine tasks, enjoying videos, or surfing the web. Dual Sim card options enable users to connect with any 2G GSM and 3G WCDMA network. A slim and sleek profile is comfortable on the … Read more

Lenovo Tab E7 Now Available on Walmart

Lenovo Tab E7 Entry-level Tablet

Lenovo Tab E7 is now up on Walmart official website. This tablet is perfectly suited for your family with all the suitable specs in it. This affordable and portable tablet is also a boon for your pocket, unlike other entry-level tablets that burn a hole in your pocket. Check it on Walmart Talking about Lenovo … Read more

OYYU T7 Pro Review: A Dual SIM 4G Phablet

OYYU T7 Pro 4G Tablet

When it comes to Phablet, you get two devices in one, and OYYU T7 Pro Phablet does it better. It is a device that can meet surfing needs or play videos for you while at the same time you can make phone calls or even video calls. I must say this, but the phablet looks … Read more

Save 33% on HUAWEI MediaPad T3 7 – DOTD Sep 24, 2018

Huawei Mediapad T3 7 Tablet

If you find a near 33 percent discount on any Huawei device, then you never want to miss that offer. MediaPad T3 7 is one of the device which comes with $37 discount on Amazon. Premium look and feel, adequate hardware unit, excellent cameras, superb display, ample storage, and huge battery life are some of … Read more

SmarTab 7-inch Android Tablet Review

Featured Image Smartab 7

Android platform, excellent display, and an affordable price range make Smartab 7-inch Android tablet a perfect device to have it for studying, reading ebooks, enjoying movies, and playing normal games. Powerful hardware unit move things secure and fast, HD display presents crisp and clearer pictures, Android OS enables the functioning of Google apps, and adequate … Read more

iRULU eXpro X1 7-inch Tablet Review

Featured Image iRULU eXpro X1 7-inch Tablet

iRULU eXpro X1 7-inch tablet is powered by Android and fits into highly affordable price segment. This is an entry-level tablet from the company and introduced to cater the need of the school, college going student or small business activities. You can perform reading, enjoy videos, and play normal games fluently on this device. The … Read more

Save 31% on TOPELOTEK Android Tablet – DOTD Sep 13, 2018

TOPELOTEK Android Tablet

TOPELOTEK tablet is another addition in Android family of tablets. Good processor, vibrant display screen, adequate RAM, dual cameras, good storage, and Android 6.0 are some of the highlights of this device. In addition to this, a massive discount of 31 percent or $25 of saving makes this device a good device to hold or … Read more