A new TCL foldable tablet is in making

So far, TCL has released smartphones under the names of Blackberry and Alcatel. But, now, it’s interested in launching products under its own banner with the aim to revive its reputation in the digital market. It is believed that the company has filed for a few patents under its name and one of such patents … Read more

Lenovo Unveils Tab M7 and M8 Android Tablets

Lenovo Tab M8 (2nd Gen) 2019

Finally, the wait is over! Lenovo has introduced two new tablets in the family today, which is Tab M7 and Tab M8. The highlight factor about the M series is it’s highly affordable with premium artistry, giving the tablets a fresh look. These high-end tablets are very classy and elegant along with great portability as … Read more

A new Lenovo Yoga Tab is in making

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro

As you know that we always keep you updated with the latest tablet release in the market. You might be surprised to know that Lenovo is all set to launch a new tablet under Lenovo Yoga Tab series. The model number includes Lenovo Yoga Tab YT-X705F, YT-X705L, and YT-X705X as recently Lenovo company got registered … Read more

AOPEN Chromebook Commercial Tab Launched For Industrial Use

AOPEN Chromebook Commercial Tab

AOPEN has recently announced about the forthcoming release of yet another milestone product, AOPEN Chromebook Commercial Tab that is sure to add huge value to the already creditable portfolio of the company. This tablet is going to be the very first of its kind, exceptionally developed to serve commercial and industrial purposes. This robust and … Read more

XP-Pen Introduces Artist 12 Pro Graphics Tablet

XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro Graphics Tablet

Artist 12 Pro graphics display tablet from XP-Pen can be rightfully described as the new digital canvas meant for portraying all creative ideas with great vivacity. With features that support powerful imaginations, it offers both high-end performance and ease of operation. About the Screen and Display Its screen area is 11.6 inch, with 1920×1080 FHD … Read more

KODAMA and KUKUI may be the two upcoming Chrome OS tablets

Acer ChromeOS Tablet

Chrome OS tablets are the very new addition in the list of looked-for, user friendly mobile computing devices and are gaining in popularity. Here we will be discussing about two specific upcoming Chrome OS tablets, whose reference has been very recently found in the repository files. The two upcoming tablets that we will be discussing … Read more

HUION Launches Inspiroy H1161 Drawing Pen Tablet

HUION Inspiroy H1161 Drawing Pen Tablet

HUION has unleashed the best from the world of inspiration through its newly launched Inspiroy H1161 drawing pen tablet. With just 8mm thickness, HUION Inspiroy H1161 is just what the technologically driven creative world was waiting for. CHECK IT ON AMAZON Designed to Deliver the Best It is super thin, thus light enough to be … Read more

XP-Pen Introduces Artist 13.3 Pro Graphics Display Tablet

XP-Pen Artist 13.3 Pro Display Tablet

XP-Pen recently launched its latest flagship product, Artist 13.3 Pro graphics display tablet. Rumors were high in the market concerning the product, but XP-Pen didn’t give any hints concerning this tablet launch. It seems that the plan was to hit the market, unveiling all the features along with price to reduce user’s curiosity. A quick … Read more