Apple adds more than 30 new Games to Apple Arcade

Apple has added some all-time classic games to Apple Arcade, their award-winning catalog and it now consists of more than 180 games. Apple also made it clear that all games steer clear of ads and in-app purchases. The thirty new games Apple launched are majorly inspired by popular creators, brands, and some of the most remembered gaming franchises.

By adding a bundle of thirty games at the same time, this is the biggest expansion in any mobile gaming category. They have also classified the games into main groups: Timeless Classics and App Store Greats. Both of the categories are loaded with some awesome games that players have been enjoying for a long time.

The App Store Greats is mainly for players interested in iPhone games released over the last decade. In the case of Timeless Classics, iPhone and iPad users will get a selection of board games and classic puzzles.

Many users were first surprised by this move because Apple always catered to exclusive titles only. Now they are changing their position with their gaming services by buying a back catalog of App Store games. Such additions to the gaming service will help users in having a more wide variety of games than it did a year ago. This also doesn’t change any exclusive games like Game of Thrones – Tale of Crows and NBA 2K21 arcade edition.

By bringing in traditional games like ‘Chess’ and ‘Solitaire’, we can expect Apple to have more users who just want to continue playing such multiplayer games. In the first-mentioned categories, each of them has some amazing and brand new games like “Backgammon” and “Good Sudoku by Zach Gage” in the Timeless Classics. Players who love “Fruit Ninja Classic” and “Mini Metro” should check out the App Store Greats.

It is also important to highlight that games in App Store Greats are offered free of cost with an Apple Arcade subscription. The exciting part about this subscription is company title games such as Star Trek: Legends, Cut the Rope Remastered, and Taiko no Tatsujin: Pop Tap Bea. There are so many more games coming to iPhones and iPads, but these are some of the most hyped games by fans.

Apple wants to deep dive into its gaming services and with this launch, they made it clear that they want to provide high-quality gameplay experiences to meet everyone’s liking. We all know Apple was lacking in the number of title games last year, but they provided the best user experience for all players by providing complete privacy.

We should also not expect every one of these games to be compatible with older versions of iPhones and iPads. All the new processors work on 64-bit architecture, so the new games are incompatible with old processors and IOS versions. In most cases, only the new titles will not work to their limit.

The $5 per month subscription cost is something Apple was trying to justify to its user base for almost a year. With this launch, Apple is most likely going to win over the gaming community not only with their new famous titles but by adding retro and board games, they just acknowledged the presence of players who still like to play traditional games.

With 180 games across the platform, Apple is still at that $4.99 mark and users will also receive an additional one-month free trial. If one buys a new Apple product, they will get three months of free access to the Arcade games. The availability of all the 180 games is not specified but they most likely will vary according to the region.

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