New patent filings indicate a foldable tablet from Samsung is on the way

We all know that Samsung is the company that pushed the envelope in using foldable display technology for mobile devices, and now, they are working on incorporating the same for tablets. Samsung seems to use design ideas from Galaxy Z Flip and Fold 2, and translate them to devices having a bigger form factor.

samsung foldable tablet 2021 patent design front

The company applied for the patent in February at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Recently, LetsGoDigital found the documentation of the patent that reveals the possibility of Samsung building a new foldable Galaxy tablet. Many people believe that this tablet is going to make the Galaxy Fold 3 look out of style.

LetsGoDigital also highlighted that the documentation hints at a bigger form factor for the foldable table and it is expected to come with a screen larger than 7.3-inch.

Samsung has always been on the top when it comes to innovation in the foldable device market. With this move, they are trying to send a message that the foldable technology is here to stay and will be soon integrated into their tablet product line.

From the images we received from LetsGoDigital, it is clear that the back and front of the tablet come with no cameras. This is however not the overall design, so we cannot guarantee it will be the same in the final design implementation.

samsung foldable tablet 2021 hinge design

The images also showcase a bunch of speakers on the left and a Type-C port is also a part of the design. This can be clearly seen when the tablet is in portrait mode. If we take a close look at the right side of the design, we can see another speaker inserted and a power button. Again, this is just a rendered image of what could be the final product, so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t make it to the commercial markets.

If we look at the mass or the body of the tablet, we notice an increase in thickness at the extremities or edges of the device. We can compare this to the Mate X2 from Huawei, as it also tapers from one side of the edge to the other side. We need to closely analyze the images to understand the design in-depth.

If you pay more attention to the edges from the patent, you can see that the tablet comes with one thick and one slim side. This may go against many symmetrical designs, but it is proven to increase comfort while handling the tablet with a single hand.

The tablet design is unlike any foldable device in the marketplace and it is for this one reason – no camera or external display modules are present. The shape of the tablet is likely going to be a square slate and the hinges make it even better, as Samsung is expected to use the same hinges used in Galaxy Z phones.

All these designs and concepts surrounding the foldable technology might seem odd for a tablet but in reality, it is perfect to enhance internal specifications to give everything that the user needs because photography and messaging are not usually done using a tablet.

The price of this tablet cannot be estimated right now with no specs and details, but we expect it to be an expensive tablet as it is featuring foldable technology for the first time. Samsung also has many other products lined up that are going to use the same display tech but this particular tablet is likely going to be a real product before three-part foldable phones and slidable designs.

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