Adobe Launches Creative App Bundle For iPads

The new mobile design bundle from Adobe is said to come with more than twenty applications, including Photoshop and Illustrator. With this release, Adobe promises all the main creative features for Photoshop, such as RAW editing, colour spaces, and layer styles.

We expect a more mature creative bundle from Adobe that can provide real professionals and cater to students and teachers working with layered PSD files on their respective iPads.

adobe creative app bundle for ipad

Adobe has finally made that jump in creative technology by bringing desktop-like experiences to a smaller and more compact iPad. The user interface and mobile chipsets are getting better every day, so incorporating Adobe applications will make file transfers a lot easier, and they can naturally mirror what artists have been doing all the time with pencil and paper.

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Having that natural feel with Apple pencil makes it a lot smoother for professionals to adapt to these new creative app bundles. One of the main highlights of these creative bundles is Adobe Fresco, a new animation capability that is being integrated into their drawing and painting application. This new feature adds a lot of value to the app bundle because creatives can add motion to any of their drawings on iPad.

Adobe also mentioned that some of the creative cloud’s major changes were actually suggestions from existing customers. One such addition is the ability to rotate the canvas, which is a huge pickup for users to shift their workspace on Illustrator and Photoshop in more natural ways.

Another excellent application that can be used out in the real world is Adobe Capture. With this capture facility, you can click a picture of any shape that inspires you and use it as your next drawing project.

Adobe has also considered adding collaborative functions for artists to use in real projects. Cloud Documents is so convenient and easy to use for any type of artist because all the files can be accessed from any platform.

iPad users can even invite friends or co-workers to give their opinion, and they can also be given access to edit the project. If you like the changes made, you can keep the latest version of the project or else; you can just scroll through the previous versions.

As it is a bundle of creative applications, you can do every task associated with stories, paintings, and videos. Adobe Spark video works extremely well on iPads, and users can take advantage of the Apple Pencil here as well.

It is also important to note here that every single application comes with free templates and gets you started with detailed tutorials from industry experts.

For students and teaching professionals, Adobe launched a creative cloud education for $14.99 per month. To help students organize their daily online notes and presentations, Adobe has included Acrobat and Adobe Scan in their app bundles.

Users can simply take pictures from their iPad and use these apps to edit and share. Students interested in learning Photoshop and other software present creative clouds are given a platform to learn at their own pace.

Whatever tool you use to create masterpieces, always depends on creativity and how well you are executing when inspiration strikes. With iPads having creative cloud bundles, you can now implement your creative thoughts anywhere and at any point in time. And Adobe is also adding new creative libraries to encourage collaboration and be a part of great projects.

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