GAOMON M10K Drawing Pen Tablet (2018) Review

GAOMON M10K Drawing Pen Tablet 2018

Whenever you want instant access to creating like never before, just like instant smartphone calls and video chats, GAOMON M10K Drawing Pen Tablet is just your device to have if you want to instantly create art out of intuition or even at home when you want digitally scribble. Technically, it has amazing specs that one … Read more

CHUWI Hi9 Plus tablet now available on GearBest to buy

CHUWI Hi9 Plus Now Available

CHUWI Hi9 Plus tablet has been launched into the market by the revered brand. This awaited tablet by most in the market, comparing it to iPads, have been anticipating the launch real soon. It has been announced that CHUWI Hi9 Plus tablet will hit global online markets on October 20th through Aliexpress, but it’s already … Read more

OYYU T7 Pro Review: A Dual SIM 4G Phablet

OYYU T7 Pro 4G Tablet

When it comes to Phablet, you get two devices in one, and OYYU T7 Pro Phablet does it better. It is a device that can meet surfing needs or play videos for you while at the same time you can make phone calls or even video calls. I must say this, but the phablet looks … Read more

DT Research DT301T Rugged Tablet Specs and Features

DT Research DT301T Rugged Tablet

The first look of the DT Research DT301T Rugged Tablet assured me of its sturdiness and powerful computing that comes along with multi-features that one can boast off. On the funny side, it looked like a bumblebee-power station-switchboard panel, but only to realise that this tablet was powerful and slim by the build quality and … Read more

Winnovo VTab 10-inch Android Tablet Review

Winnovo VTab

Right from the moment I looked at the image of this tablet, I said ‘This Winnovo VTab 10-inch Android Tablet’ is gonna win over! It is a tablet that has the most amazing features in a very inexpensive (I wouldn’t mind saying cheap) prize. The moment I browsed about this device, the body build, and … Read more

ALLDOCUBE KNote X Introduced With Gemini Lake Processor

Alldocube KNote X 2-in-1 Tablet

The all-new ALLDOCUBE KNote X has been introduced with Gemini Lake Processor that has premium grade quality to everything, right from its body design to performance. This convertible tablet has unique features doubled with super performance and without a doubt, this device has been promoted as a performance-driven tablet. This tablet has surely caught some … Read more

Surface Pro 6: Will it be compared with upcoming iPad Pro?

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Time and again, premium tablets like Surface Pro 6 will always be compared with iPad Pro because of the competitive specs each device offers. Notably, Surface Pro 6 is packed with specs that will wonder you. It can be hailed as the most premium tablet in the market today. However, with the new iPad Pro … Read more

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Review – Comes With AI Face Recognition

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Review

Well, the popular Xiaomi has recently launched Mi Pad 4 tablet which is targeted for ‘heavy usage and office-goers’ featuring not only elegant design and sober colors but also cutting-edge specifications and premium build quality that makes it a perfect combination of performance, style, and comfort to help you make your job quicker and easier. … Read more