ALLDOCUBE KNote X Introduced With Gemini Lake Processor

Alldocube KNote X 2-in-1 Tablet

The all-new ALLDOCUBE KNote X has been introduced with Gemini Lake Processor that has premium grade quality to everything, right from its body design to performance. This convertible tablet has unique features doubled with super performance and without a doubt, this device has been promoted as a performance-driven tablet. This tablet has surely caught some … Read more

Surface Pro 6: Will it be compared with upcoming iPad Pro?

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Time and again, premium tablets like Surface Pro 6 will always be compared with iPad Pro because of the competitive specs each device offers. Notably, Surface Pro 6 is packed with specs that will wonder you. It can be hailed as the most premium tablet in the market today. However, with the new iPad Pro … Read more

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Review – Comes With AI Face Recognition

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Review

Well, the popular Xiaomi has recently launched Mi Pad 4 tablet which is targeted for ‘heavy usage and office-goers’ featuring not only elegant design and sober colors but also cutting-edge specifications and premium build quality that makes it a perfect combination of performance, style, and comfort to help you make your job quicker and easier. … Read more

CHUWI Hi12 (CWI520) 2018 Tablet Review

CHUWI Hi12 2-in-1 Tablet

Tablets are the go-to devices when it comes to getting all your office work done but doesn’t want to carry a bulky laptop around. The demand for laptop is rising, and hence the brands are striving hard to update the devices’ features and capabilities as much as possible. For instance, Windows on tablets was just … Read more

DASUNG Not-eReader is the World’s First E-ink Mobile-Phone Monitor

Dasung Not-eReader Multi-Purpose E-ink Tablet

Wearing an unusual name, the DASUNG Not-eReader is launched as the world’s first E-ink mobile Phone Monitor. This brand, who walks along the lines of paper-like lines, has launched this product as an android tablet with E-ink display along with specifications of a tablet. The brand claims that this device has multi-purpose to it. It … Read more

Ematic EGQ178 Tablet Review

Featured Image Ematic EGQ178

You always think of decent performance, and affordability and portability as the master keys to an entry-level tablet, which has been catered to by the Ematic EGQ178 Tablet. This tablet for users with basic needs to get through the day is very affordable. With a decent core that delivers quality performance and great visuals, this … Read more

It’s Pixel Slate, the name of first MadeByGoogle Chrome OS tablet

Google Nocturne Chromebook Tablet

Amidst of information leaks and unconfirmed news, the launch of Google’s new product and other several devices was underway. It was first confirmed by Android Police’s David Ruddock who gave out the name of the new Google Chrome OS tablet as Google Pixel Slate. The device is a convertible tablet with a detachable screen that … Read more