RCA Tablet DVD Combo Review – An Android Tablet That Can Play DVD

Days of DVDs are back with RCA Tablet DVD Combo designed and created to play games and watch videos or movies on the go. Frankly, it has a typewriter feel to it. But this brand has made sure that they make this tablet stand out with the DVD feature infused. It is not supposed to work like a powerhouse but rather your entertainment device while you are on the go. It amazingly takes you off to DVD era and touches down on entertainment also providing you with features that fulfill your basic work needs.

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RCA Tablet DVD Combo - Use it Anywhere

RCA Tablet DVD Combo is optimum for playing DVD movies, download videos and play games while you travel somewhere. It is a very affordable device that won’t wear your pocket down. Let’s dive into the specifications for more clarity on how this tablet works.

RAM and Storage

Before heading on to more details, I would like to mention that this not a ginormous tablet with massive RAM or onboard memory. It has a standard 2GB RAM which supports all of your basic function, and not just essential but even a little bit more. It supports massive games but will lag down depending on the graphics. Upon switching it on, I got an initial quickness while opening the menu and turning to an app. It has essential apps like Gmail, Chrome, Youtube. On the front, it provides multi-functions, but I got a little dicey when I thought of putting my large document files in it like Editing library or something. For storage, it has 16GB Hard Drive that supports storing all your essential data and applications. The actual available room was 14 GB (2GB for system files). It is pretty good looking at the cost of this tablet that too a device specially developed for DVD and gaming.

Processor and OS

RCA Tablet DVD Combo is geared with Core 2 Quad Q9000 processor with two cores that are efficient to take on basic functions like gaming and playing videos without glitches or lags. As mentioned while introducing this tablet, this is not a powerhouse of a device providing a massive processing power. For what it is made, it executes and delivers that beautifully. No complaints! It runs on the platform of Android 6.0 Marshmallow which today is considered to be an old version. It could have been better for this tablet if it had programmed Android 7.0 or 8 with better specs and features. Marshmallow is good too, but not better than others. But at the end of the day, I won’t judge this tablet for the OS it provides as the main feature and utilities fulfilled by this tablet are different, and it works superbly in those categories. And compared to the same range tablet (without the DVD feature) it works pretty nice!

Design and Display

This tablet, at first glance, looks like a mini typewriter because of the elongated speaker at one of the flat end. The rest of the body seems very simple and traditional with a fat body and curved edges. It weighs only 2.5 lbs which is pretty light for a DVD tablet. It is portable, and you can snug it in your backpack. However, you may feel the large speaker be disturbing though. With dimensions ranging up to 10.5 x 4.4 x 1.6 inches, it’s screen has thick bezels around it adding more to the traditional look and feel of the tablet. It has a 10-inch multi-touch display with screen space ample enough to watch your favorite movies without making it too compact.

Design of RCA Tablet DVD Combo

As you know, larger the screen, better the visual experience. But another that stoops down here is the resolution. If you have a full screen but average pixel resolution, then it is almost good for nothing. As a DVD tablet, I expected at least Full HD, but it stopped me at 1024×600 HD picture quality. It’s not satisfactory at all. I expected more from a DVD tablet, but alas, the cost comes in again. I wouldn’t have mind RCA charging more for this tablet but should have notched it up a little more.

Battery and Audio

It is powered with one lithium ion built-in rechargeable battery delivering a charge life up to 6 hours in regular use, but only 2 hours while I play DVD. Now, this struck the wrong chord again, because I might have a 3-hour movie to watch and if I have to keep it on charging, again and again, it is uncomfortable as well. Also, the tablet is fitted with a stand. I will prefer watching it over my desk or keeping it on my seat while driving a car for kids to watch in the back.  But without connecting a charger after 2 hours, it may drain completely. So it’s a drawback right there. It also delivers decent audio with loud volume. It was not bad at all.

Camera and other ports

It has a 2MP camera which is again not impressive at all. But I don’t take this into account as I did not expect a camera at all! I would not use this tablet to click the most pristine selfies or clicks because I have my smartphone to do that. So judging by that factor, it is blessed with at least a rear camera. For ports and jacks, it has one HDMI slot, a MIC, one micro USB slot, USB slot, microSD card slot, start/pause button for DVD, volume rocker, and a Headphone jack.


  • DVD player
  • Good processing
  • Adequate RAM
  • Decent storage
  • Tablet Stand


  • Average pixel resolution
  • Thick bezels
  • Older Android Version
  • Low battery life on DVD


The RCA Tablet DVD Combo is an affordable and portable DVD player tablet. It’s capability to take in  DVD/CD player and play movies makes it unique in the market. I think it’s worth a purchase because days of DVD players are gone.

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