DT Research DT301T Rugged Tablet Specs and Features

The first look of the DT Research DT301T Rugged Tablet assured me of its sturdiness and powerful computing that comes along with multi-features that one can boast off. On the funny side, it looked like a bumblebee-power station-switchboard panel, but only to realise that this tablet was powerful and slim by the build quality and also with its internal functioning.

Specifications of DT Research DT301T


6th Gen Intel Core i5 or Core i7

Operating System

Windows 7 or Windows 10




Up to 1TB


10.1-inch LED

Rear Camera



5400mAh or 8000mAh

Ruggedness of DT Research DT301T

The features and specifications of this tablet are impressive because it delivers so much on a multi-functional level. The features of all the aspects of DT Research DT301T Rugged Tablet are so well integrated that ‘wireless computing’ feels amazing.

RAM, Processor, and Storage

The DT Research DT301T Rugged Tablet is equipped with 8GB RAM and 128GB onboard storage capacity. The tablet gives you high speed on computing with it’s RAM capacity. It has a super capacity of taking heavy workloads and at the same time give a dynamic performance with the RAM it holds. You also get a huge room of 128GB which is pretty amazing because you can not only store your basic files in it but also put heavy data for your day to day use or occasional use. It takes them easily without any occurrence of lags or slower computing. With impressive RAM and storage, this tablet also has Intel 6th Generation Core i5 or i7 processor which gives blazing fast capacities of multitasking and onboard functioning to the tablet.

OS, Design, and DisplayDT Research DT301T Display

This tablet has two options for OS. Microsoft® Windows® 7 Professional or Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise. Both versions of Windows have amazing interfaces and cool features leading to smooth functioning. This device is slim and has a rugged external look with its distinct appearance that looks like a powerhouse. It has three programmable buttons,  one power button, and one Radio Frequency switch. The device with  198 x 280 x 21.9 mm dimension weighing 1.4 kg is a fanless device that is heavy but slim at the same time. The display screen is 10.1-inch wide with large screen space and high-nit brightness screen with multiple touch capacity. It also has a high pixel resolution of 1920×1200 delivering a dynamic visual experience.

Battery, Audio, and others

This device is powered with a11.4V hot swappable 5400mAh battery which runs for hours without demanding frequent charging. This tablet indeed has a powerful battery. It also has a built-in speaker which gives large audio volume and has crystal clear audio quality. The camera of this device clicks quality pictures with 5MP back camera with autofocus and several other features that makes it wonderful! This tablet has a Wi-Fi 802.11ac with 2.4GHz capacity.  It has one USB 3.0 port, one 3.5mm, and smart CAC reader.

Final thoughts

The DT Research DT301T Rugged Tablet has so much capacity of computing and works like a powerhouse. The features that come with the tablet makes it sturdy and highly capacitive for any task you throw at it. The device is a heavy priced tablet because it is made for heavier purposes and have the integration that gives smooth functioning even on a heavy task duty.

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