MobileDemand Launches Windows-based xTablet T1185 Rugged Tablet

mobiledemand launches xtablet t1185 rugged tablet

Leading manufacturer of rugged tablets, MobileDemand has launched its all-new high-value tablet device called xTablet T1185. The device is power-packed with a wide range of productivity features and enhancing accessories. MobileDemand is a renowned maker of rugged tablets, cases, and mobile widely used by companies for improvising their productivity. This Windows-based xTablet T1185 will replace … Read more

Juniper Systems All-New Mesa Pro Rugged Tablet is Now Available

juniper systems mesa pro rugged tablet is now available to buy

Back in August 2022, Juniper Systems had launched its all-new performance-packed 10-inch Windows rugged tablet – Mesa Pro and it’s available now to buy as per latest announcement by the company. Mesa Pro is built for powerful processing and can operate in the field in any condition. This rugged tablet features a unique and robust … Read more

WEROCK Launches Rocktab S500 Series Industrial Rugged Tablets

werock launches s500 series rugged tablets

WEROCK Technologies launches “Rocktab S500“, a new series of rugged and tough tablets. The series will come with three screen sizes (three display options: 8″, 10.1″, or 12.2”) and Jasper Lake generation Intel processors. WEROCK is known for manufacturing rugged tablets, notebooks, and mobile computer handsets. These tablets are designed mainly for industrial and professional … Read more

WEROCK Launches Rocktab S208 Rugged 8” Tablet

werock rocktab s208

Renowned manufacturer of rugged tablets, smartphones, and notebooks, WEROCK, launched a new rugged tablet Rocktab S208. The slate has a better value for money compared with other tablets by WEROCK. In addition to that, the managing director of WEROCK has said that Rocktab S208 would be perfect for medium-sized industries that have stricter budgets. To … Read more