Samsung Introduces Galaxy XCover7 and Galaxy Tab Active5 for the Enterprise Frontier

Samsung introduces Galaxy XCover7 and Tab Active5

If we talk about good Android tabs, there is only one reliable brand that stood the test of time: Samsung! They make some of the best consumer Android tablets. The interesting thing is that now Samsung is planning to move into the enterprise sector as well. Samsung recently unveiled the Galaxy XCover7 smartphone and Galaxy Tab Active5 tablet. These devices are crafted to navigate rigorous fields and help workers with frontline work demands.

Military-Grade Toughness

Samsung’s Galaxy XCover7 and Galaxy Tab Active5 emerge as resilient workhorses engineered to thrive in the most challenging environments. Sporting an impressive IP68 rating for water and dust resistance and compliance with the stringent MIL-STD-810H military standard, these devices assure durability in extreme conditions, from bustling construction sites to demanding retail warehouses.

samsung galaxy tab active5
samsung galaxy tab active5

The Galaxy XCover7 takes a rugged stance, designed to withstand drops of up to 1.5m, while its counterpart, the Galaxy Tab Active5, meets the challenge with a 1.8m drop resistance when equipped with its protective case. Emphasizing durability, both devices feature Corning Gorilla Glass Victus+ and Corning Gorilla Glass 5, ensuring scratch resistance and the ability to endure the daily rigors faced by frontline workers.

Connectivity Redefined

In an era that hinges on constant connectivity, the Galaxy XCover7 and Galaxy Tab Active5 rise to the occasion with enhanced connectivity features. The XCover7 boasts swift and reliable 5G connectivity paired with Wi-Fi 5, while the Tab Active5 offers both 5G and Wi-Fi 6, ensuring that workers stay seamlessly connected, fostering efficient collaboration whether in the office, field, or frontline.

samsung galaxy xcover7
samsung galaxy xcover7

Amping up the user experience, both devices feature premium displays. The XCover7 flaunts a 6.6-inch display with increased surface area and resolution, while the Tab Active5’s 8.0-inch display provides heightened visibility outdoors with increased brightness and a smooth viewing experience at a refresh rate of up to 120Hz.

Powerful and Productive Workdays

Samsung’s ruggedized devices prioritize work continuity, supporting users through extended workdays with features like fast charging to minimize downtime between charges. With replaceable batteries, both devices minimize interruptions both in and out of the workplace.

Notably, the Tab Active5 introduces an innovative No Battery Mode, allowing it to run without a battery. This proves invaluable in scenarios like kiosks or vehicles, preserving battery health in hot environments. Further streamlining the charging process, POGO charging interfaces enable workplaces with POGO docks to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Maximizing Productivity and Security

Samsung’s commitment to maximizing productivity is evident in the design of these ruggedized devices. Increased speaker volume ensures clarity in noisy environments, programmable keys enable shortcuts for improved productivity, and quick barcode scanning via Knox Capture streamlines operations across various work settings.

The devices seamlessly handle content sharing and simultaneous displays between mobile and PC through Link to Windows, showcasing enhanced PC connectivity. Additionally, these devices support a range of third-party accessories, ensuring full integration into any workplace operation.

In a significant stride for security, the Galaxy XCover7 and Galaxy Tab Active5 support the Samsung Knox Vault. Beyond flagship devices, Knox Vault safeguards critical data, including lock screen information and security keys, using a hardware-based and tamper-resistant solution. This ensures data protection against both software and hardware attacks.

Pricing and Availability

The Galaxy XCover7 and Galaxy Tab Active5 are set to debut in January 2024, and Samsung has not announced the pricing details for these tablets yet. This is an interesting move by Samsung as they enter the enterprise market with tablets.

These ruggedized devices promise to be reliable companions for businesses navigating challenging and dynamic environments. As enterprises increasingly seek devices that marry durability with advanced functionality, Samsung’s latest offerings are poised to significantly impact how we define workplace productivity.

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