DT Research DT301T Rugged Tablet Specs and Features

DT Research DT301T Rugged Tablet

The first look of the DT Research DT301T Rugged Tablet assured me of its sturdiness and powerful computing that comes along with multi-features that one can boast off. On the funny side, it looked like a bumblebee-power station-switchboard panel, but only to realise that this tablet was powerful and slim by the build quality and … Read more

Getac K120 Rugged Tablet Specs and Overview

Getac K120 Rugged Tablet

Over a decade ago, tablets became way too prevalent in the market. You might have seen so many new established firms selling tablets. Today people are investing more in tablets rather than laptops as it is quite handy and comfortable. Despite innovative features in Smartphones, tablets are actually winning the heart of the people. Getac … Read more