Juniper Systems Introduced an 8-inch Cedar CT8 Rugged Tablet

A powerful tablet at low cost is all what tech freaks aspire for. Juniper Systems Inc. recently announced the release of Cedar CT8 Rugged Tablet. The firm is renowned for rolling out ultra rugged tablets with high performance at affordable rates.

Cedar CT8

With its latest and third tablet, Cedar CT8, Juniper Systems have immensely upgraded its processing systems and added some top-notch features. Upgraded Android version, 8 inch in size, and dual SIM are some of the many features that the tablet has to offer. It is said to be fast and versatile for work both at Home and Office.

Ruggedness of Cedar CT8
Ingress ProtectionIP67 Water & Dust Proof
Drop/Shock ProofUp to 3.3"(1m) to Concrete
Operating TemperatureFahrenheit: -4 to 140 | Celsius: -20 to 60

It is said to be one among all rugged tablets by Juniper Systems. Since, the market is full of high-end tablets with prices beyond range of many working professionals, Cedar CT8 will surely be their kind of tablet.

Below are some features that set Cedar CT8 Rugged Tablet at par with other in the market. Have a look:


Performance being a key factor for any tablet, Cedar CT8 surely offers an amazing performance with its processing and operating system. The tablet runs on Qualcomm snapdragon processor that makes it fast and helps users to multi-task. With Android 8.1 version, users gets various of applications available on Google Play Store.

Amalgamation of Android 8.1 with lightening-fast Qualcomm processor extends a fast functionality, top-notch image quality, vivid display and an impressive user experience.


Another vital aspect of any tablet is its storage capacity. Inbuilt with 3GB RAM, the tablet can help you multi-task freely. It has maximum storage capacity of 32 GB, which might be a wee less than compared to other tablets but can surely be enough for daily work tasks.


Famous for its rugged design, Juniper Systems Inc. ensure to offer a rugged bones tablet that can sustain harsh conditions. It is said to operate even in temperatures ranging from -4 degree to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Impressive much? And, that’s not all. Cedar CT8 can withstand multiple 1-meter drops.

Light in weight and a rugged design makes it durable and extends a convenient user experience. You will also find it water and dust resistant. Well, this is a whole lot of impressive features packed in one.

Battery Life

Long working hours is what Juniper ensures with its latest Cedar CT8 tablet. The removable lithium-ion battery extends 8 hours battery life to provide you ease of working without compromising your work at cost of a low battery. 8000 mAh battery is fixed in this rugged tablet and we bet you’d have sufficient time working without having a dead battery.


With high-visibility HD display with IPS technology, Cedar CT8 has a vivid display that offers an immersive experience to its users. 1280 x 800 pixel resolution offers an impressive image quality with bright and sharp pictures. The tablet has a Gorilla Glass 3 which prevents it from breaking and resisting a short fall.

In all, the tablet is affordable in range and offers some amazing features that would quench your thirst for a high-tech tablet. More or less, Cedar CT8 seems to be a tablet worth trying, yet let’s wait for it to reach markets.

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