CardLogix Launched BIOSID Rugged Biometric Tablet

We all are fond of tablets these days to enjoy large screen viewing experience along with mobile features. However, in this competitive market, CardLogix launched BIOSID rugged biometric tablet that has entered the gadget world nicely. Eliminating all the traditional models of the tablet, BIOSID rugged biometric tablet is becoming most cherished tablets by the giant businesses. Companies often want to keep the track of their field agents as they cannot provide them biometric entry like other staff in the office. But CardLogix has made that possible!

CardLogix BIOSID Biometric Tablet Specs

With 8” display, BIOSID rugged biometric tablet is dustproof, shockproof, water proof and drop-resistant along with extreme lightweight and incredible design. You can either choose 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM or 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM, depending upon your usage. Powered by A7, Quad-core processor, BIOSID rugged biometric Tablet enables you to use this tablet seamlessly without any haggles. So it is not only tough outside, but inside as well!

More the tablet also offers you 2MP fixed focus and 5MP auto focus camera as per your choice along with 8MP rear camera that is equipped with Barcode Software decoding. The tablet features many sensors such as Fingerprint sensor, the smart card reader, Iris scanner, and a lot more. With this, in case if you’re field agents are on field they can simply punch in their login time by touching the biometric sensors that will make things easier. You can also insert SIM card in the slot that makes this durable tablet more like a smart phone.

We can say that BIOSID rugged biometric tablet is not only beneficial for companies but also professionals. It serves the need of both the employers and the employee as employee can switch to entertainment mode whenever they need a break and employer can keep track of work activities of the employees!

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