Durabook Upgraded its R11 Fully Rugged Tablet

With rugged tablets establishing their place in market, Durabook has upgraded its R11 tablet to keep up with the growing demand. The tablet is one of the lightest and fully rugged tablet designed to cater to the needs of site workers, supervisors, and inspectors.

Durabook R11

It is extremely thin and that is what makes it easy to carry to work and being rugged, it is suitable even in extreme harsh conditions. Durabook has ensured to upgrade this tab to best of processing and operating system as to extend a high tech performance for people on field.

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Along with being lightweight and impeccable performance, Durabook R11 Fully rugged tablet offers a long battery life, sun readability feature and possibility of multi tasking. All these features packed in one and available for an affordable price is what makes this tablet an ideal one for field workers in any sector or walk of life.

From vivid display to being extremely rugged, R11 has some impressive features that makes it establish a firm foot in the market.  To meet up with the high demand for rugged tablets, Durabook has upgraded R11 with best features possible and has kept the ideal price for the same. Let’s have a quick glance at what all R11 has in store for field operatives:


Being lightweight was as imperative as being rugged for R11. Durabook has indeed catered the basic need of costumers. The tablet weighs 1.2 kg and is 20mm in height, hence it gets portable enough to carry it on field and work without any troubles. Being ultra-compact helps the field workers to use it more comfortably that further extends an amazing user experience.

Battery Life

While R11 Rugged tablet is specially designed for field operatives, it is vital for Durabook to keep the feature of enduring battery life to provide field workers with ease of working without any inconveniences of charging. Hence, R11 Rugged Tablet has around 7 hours of straight battery life that makes it easy for users to go through the day without charging again and again.

LCD Display

11.6-inch screen with LCD display ensures that users get a vivid display experience. Also, as field work needs to be in sun all day, Durabook has ensured to keep its display with sun readability in order to avoid any compromise for the users. Also, you get a multi-touch screen with R11 tablet.

PerformanceDurabook R11 delivers enterprise-class performance

The Tablet is inbuilt with Intel 8th Gen i5 and i7 CPUs along with Windows 10 Pro operating system. Hence, you get an amazing speed of 1.73Gbps. R11 tablet is also inclusive of Bluetooth V5.0 that further helps you to get 8 times fast speed. Hence, with such features, Durabook has ensured to provide extreme enterprise-performance that extends an impressive user experience.

Extremely Rugged

As the name evidently portray, R11 is extremely rugged and sustainable for harsh conditions. Being exclusively designed for field operatives, the tablets can very well work in any environmental conditions at the field.

The market is on all time high and the demand for rugged tablets seems to increase in multiple folds. These tablets are specifically designed for field operatives of any sector that needs technology in their day to day tasks. Hence, with Durabook’s R11 Rugged tablet, there is sure a tough competition and indeed a survival of the fittest.

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