Lenovo Tab E7 Now Available on Walmart

Lenovo Tab E7 Entry-level Tablet

Lenovo Tab E7 is now up on Walmart official website. This tablet is perfectly suited for your family with all the suitable specs in it. This affordable and portable tablet is also a boon for your pocket, unlike other entry-level tablets that burn a hole in your pocket. Check it on Walmart Talking about Lenovo … Read more

CHUWI Hi9 Plus tablet now available on GearBest to buy

CHUWI Hi9 Plus Now Available

CHUWI Hi9 Plus tablet has been launched into the market by the revered brand. This awaited tablet by most in the market, comparing it to iPads, have been anticipating the launch real soon. It has been announced that CHUWI Hi9 Plus tablet will hit global online markets on October 20th through Aliexpress, but it’s already … Read more

ALLDOCUBE KNote X Introduced With Gemini Lake Processor

Alldocube KNote X 2-in-1 Tablet

The all-new ALLDOCUBE KNote X has been introduced with Gemini Lake Processor that has premium grade quality to everything, right from its body design to performance. This convertible tablet has unique features doubled with super performance and without a doubt, this device has been promoted as a performance-driven tablet. This tablet has surely caught some … Read more

DASUNG Not-eReader is the World’s First E-ink Mobile-Phone Monitor

Dasung Not-eReader Multi-Purpose E-ink Tablet

Wearing an unusual name, the DASUNG Not-eReader is launched as the world’s first E-ink mobile Phone Monitor. This brand, who walks along the lines of paper-like lines, has launched this product as an android tablet with E-ink display along with specifications of a tablet. The brand claims that this device has multi-purpose to it. It … Read more

HUAWEI Launched MediaPad M5 Lite and MediaPad T5 Tablets

HUAWEI Launched MediaPad M5 Lite and T5

Today I am actually excited to announce that HUAWEI launched two amazing tablets recently known as MediaPad M5 Lite and MediaPad T5 tablet. Both of these tablets are exceptionally innovative and highly affordable. We all know HUAWEI always comes up with innovative devices with one goal- to ease the life of individuals by providing them … Read more

It’s Pixel Slate, the name of first MadeByGoogle Chrome OS tablet

Google Nocturne Chromebook Tablet

Amidst of information leaks and unconfirmed news, the launch of Google’s new product and other several devices was underway. It was first confirmed by Android Police’s David Ruddock who gave out the name of the new Google Chrome OS tablet as Google Pixel Slate. The device is a convertible tablet with a detachable screen that … Read more

Lenovo Smart Tab With Amazon Alexa To Launch Later This Year (2018)

Lenovo Smart Tab With Amazon Alexa

Who would have thought that you could literally get almost all of your work done with the help of single voice command? But it’s 2018 and nothing is impossible, especially in the world full of technological wonders. Amazon recently created one such wonder. The launch of Amazon Alexa shattered all the boundaries to make people’s … Read more

CHUWI Hipad Gaming Tablet With 10 Cores and Warcraft Inspired Design Launched

CHUWI Hipad Gaming Tablet

Alert all the gamers! CHUWI has launched ultimate HiPad Gaming tablet that comes with 10 core processor and Warcraft inspired gaming design, for youngsters. It is a true inspiration reflecting so many innovative features that you’ll be mesmerized. Not only gamers but even individuals who make use of gadgets for an entertaining purpose will also … Read more