Gaomon PD1610 2.5K Pen Display Specs and Features

gaomon pd1610 2.5k pen display

GAOMON launched a 16-inch pen display PD1610 in July 2022. The device is ideal for young and talented digital artists in encouraging them to unleash their creative juice more conveniently. Supported by a powerful 2.5K display monitor and a new-generation digital pen AP51, PD1610 delivers sharp pictures and an excellent pen-on-paper drawing experience. The device … Read more

Gaomon Launches M1230 Pen Tablet

gaomon launches m1230 pen tablet

Gaomon has always brought new and advanced technology in the shape of Pen Tablets and Pen Displays. It has again recently launched the impressive M1230 Pen Tablet. Let us check out its sophisticated features and specifications. Outlook and Styling Designed to aid in every kind of creative aspirations, Gaomon M1230 has it all that will … Read more

GAOMON Launches PD1220 and PD1320 Pen Display Tablets

gaomon launches pd1220 and pd1320

GAOMON PD1220 & PD1320 are both very easy-to-carry owing to their lightweight and can thus add to the overall effectiveness and convenience. PD1220 weighs 0.74kg and PD1320 Pen Display weighs 0.88 kg. Buy GAOMON PD1220 PD1220 display tablet is available in 11.6-inch panel size while PD1320 is available in 13.3-inch panel size. 86%NTSC color gamut … Read more

Top 11 Best Drawing Tablets With Screen 2024

best drawing tablets with screen

Graphics tablet market is growing at a good pace and is expected to reach USD991.86 million by 2028 from estimated USD536.25 million in 2022 as per reports. As the demand is rising, more players are entering the same market with better features and specs. If we talk about drawing tablets, they can be categorized as; … Read more

GAOMON PD1161 Drawing Tablet – Specs and Features

GAOMON PD1161 drawing tablet

GAOMON is a front-runner in the high-tech industry that is recognized for its independent research work in core technology that includes handwritten input digitization and animation products. However, its product line of graphic tablets is the most popular one internationally.   GAOMON has recently launched a groundbreaking drawing tablet, namely GAOMON PD1161 that has become … Read more

12 Best Drawing Pen Tablets in 2024 For Beginners (Without Display)

best drawing pen tablets for beginners

Having a drawing pen tablet makes you powerful as an artist. Well, definitely professional artists, animators, and graphic designers have an imperative need for one. Nevertheless, if you’re a beginner, you’ll be surprised to know how a drawing tablet without display or a standalone drawing tablet will root your passion for drawing and art. Intuitively, … Read more

GAOMON M106K Comes With 12 Express and 16 Function Keys


Are you fond of doing creative things like painting, drawing or writing or want to enhance your creativity or explore your creativity? If yes, let me you take you the world of digital creativeness where your work will be respected as digitization has revolutionized every aspect today. The latest social media platforms are very much … Read more

GAOMON M10K Drawing Pen Tablet (2018) Review

GAOMON M10K Drawing Pen Tablet 2018

Whenever you want instant access to creating like never before, just like instant smartphone calls and video chats, GAOMON M10K Drawing Pen Tablet is just your device to have if you want to instantly create art out of intuition or even at home when you want digitally scribble. Technically, it has amazing specs that one … Read more