Samsung Galaxy Book SM-W723NZKAXAR 2-in-1 Tablet Review

Samsung Galaxy Book Tablet

Artistically designed performance oriented Windows 10 powered Samsung Galaxy Book SM-W723NZKAXAR 2-in-1 tablet is an incredible taskmaster. Elegant style is mastered by the futuristic vision of engineering and technology. Portability remains a major concern when you have to perform tasks on the move but 2-in-1 tablet brings a lot of relief for the users. Use … Read more

All-New NeuTab i7 Android Tablet Review

All-New NeuTab i7 Android Tablet

Make every day-to-day task, reading or writing a fun-filled ride with all-new NeuTab i7 Android Tablet. Android applications give users a wide variety of options to choose from and so does the Android devices. Performance is guaranteed through excellent performance driven by updated hardware unit. Google certified Android 7.1 nougat operated NeuTab i7 is powered … Read more

New Acer Chromebook Tab 10 Review

Featured New Acer Chromebook Tab 10

Learning or studying was never so much fun until Acer unveiled the world’ first Chrome operating system powered Chromebook Tab 10. Beautiful design, durable build, stylish appearance mixed with a perfect balance of power and performance with Google’s Chrome OS and decent hardware unit. Rockchip RK3399 paired with 4 GB RAM brings amazing performance. The … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review

Featured Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Windows laptops and iPads are hitting the market for a long period of time. To strike out the convertible laptops and obsessed iPads, Samsung introduced Android tablets. And without any doubt, it is actually one of the greatest inventions by Samsung. However, so many tablets have been launched, but Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is an … Read more

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 10 Review

Featured Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 10

Welcome to the review of Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 10”. Different is better, and it gets even better after a constant effort of launching a unique product that stands out in the market. Right from Thinkpad Yoga to today’s Yoga Tab, Lenovo has achieved better results as a brand and still are constantly trying to … Read more

The New 9.7-inch Apple iPad Review

New 9.7-inch Apple iPad

Innovation is the key to succeed in this highly competitive world and who knows innovation better than Apple. A company whose origination happen due to the innovation in technology introduces varied devices from time to time to give users a feel of latest technology. Apple iPad comes in different models like Pro and Air 2 … Read more

iRULU eXpro X1s Tablet Review

iRULU eXpro X1s Tablet

Why people choose Tablet PCs over laptops? It’s all about mobility! Tablet helps you increase your productivity while you are on the go that absolutely meets the need of the today’s society. To fulfill the increasing demand of the society, iRULU launched eXpro X1s Tablet that offers great mobility within the budget. We can say … Read more

RCA 11 Galileo Pro Tablet Review

RCA 11 Galileo Pro Tablet

In today’s generation of highly priced and smart looking devices, does low price and decent build quality stand a chance? RCA 11 Galileo Pro tablet exactly does that by drawing the line where you could trust a brand or product with lower price and has decent quality to offer. For beginners or fresh buyers, this … Read more

Lectrus LECT-TAB1011 10-inch Android Tablet Review

Lectrus LECT-TAB1011 Tablet

In today’s high technology and fast-paced era, computer devices sizes are shrinking day by day for delivering better flexibility and portability for the users. Lectrus LECT-TAB1011 is one of the devices which comes in a small packet but fetches incredible performance. Slim, sleek 3G unlocked tablet works on Android platform and can perform any required … Read more

Fusion5 FWIN232 10-inch Windows 10 Tablet Review

Fusion5 FWIN232 10-inch Windows 10 Tablet

Are you bored of carrying your laptop everywhere? Are you hunting for a tablet that has all the features like a laptop? Well, carrying a laptop can be a pain when you are on a road or business trip. Now stay calm – Fusion5 has introduced a tablet PC with Windows 10 that can entertain … Read more