Clash of Tabs: iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 6

iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 6

Tablets these days are setting a statement; it has become a need of an hour to have one. With top notch tech firms rolling out their best products, it gets a pretty tough competition in the market. For all those people who are tech freak themselves, these products have to be nothing but the best. … Read more

Lenovo Tab M10 vs. Tab P10: Comparison of two family tablets

Lenovo Tab M10 vs Tab P10

Lenovo is burgeoning in the gadget market at a faster pace. Since the Lenovo brand was found in the 80s, this company has contributed great products back-to-back in the fierce market that too at an extremely affordable cost. After the top brands like Apple, Samsung, etc., Lenovo is the top choice of users as customer … Read more

New iPad Pro vs. iPad 2018 – Let’s check the difference

new ipad pro vs ipad 2018

The new iPad Pro has definitely, undoubtedly caught the euphoria of the entire tech world and have baffled the consumers with its sheer design and capacities. Another masterpiece from Apple, the New iPad Pro has excelled in almost every feature that makes it the talk of the town. Its sheer ability of incredibly powerful processing … Read more

Surface Pro 6: Will it be compared with upcoming iPad Pro?

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Time and again, premium tablets like Surface Pro 6 will always be compared with iPad Pro because of the competitive specs each device offers. Notably, Surface Pro 6 is packed with specs that will wonder you. It can be hailed as the most premium tablet in the market today. However, with the new iPad Pro … Read more

Alldocube X ($269) vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 ($649)

Alldocube X vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

When you look around the gadget market, you can observe so many companies manufacturing tablets. However, in the Android market, the top brand we know is- Samsung. Samsung has been in the competitive era for years and gives its best with every new product launch. Well, today the market competition is increasing like anything- multiple … Read more

New Microsoft Surface Go vs iPad 9.7

Microsoft Surface Go vs iPad

Traditionally, it was laptops and desktops which have always been at each other’s neck, but unlike the late fever, it’s the New Microsoft Surface Go and iPad 9.7 running for the baton. Fighting laptops and smartphones, their biggest rivals, it would be unintelligent of me to claim a tablet cannot provide what a laptop can. … Read more