Simbans PicassoTab Drawing Tablet Review – Be Creative!

Simbans PicassoTab Drawing Tablet

Simbans PicassoTab Drawing tablet is mesmerizing! I am not speaking in air, it’s actually the truth. It is the first drawing tablet with multipurpose features. Simbans PicassoTab has become the brightest star in the market as there’s so much to explore in this tablet. Have you ever tried digital painting? With the top creativity features … Read more

Alldocube X ($269) vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 ($649)

Alldocube X vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

When you look around the gadget market, you can observe so many companies manufacturing tablets. However, in the Android market, the top brand we know is- Samsung. Samsung has been in the competitive era for years and gives its best with every new product launch. Well, today the market competition is increasing like anything- multiple … Read more

CHUWI Hipad Gaming Tablet With 10 Cores and Warcraft Inspired Design Launched

CHUWI Hipad Gaming Tablet

Alert all the gamers! CHUWI has launched ultimate HiPad Gaming tablet that comes with 10 core processor and Warcraft inspired gaming design, for youngsters. It is a true inspiration reflecting so many innovative features that you’ll be mesmerized. Not only gamers but even individuals who make use of gadgets for an entertaining purpose will also … Read more

Simbans TangoTab Review – An easy-to-use premium device!

Simbans TangoTab

Simbans has recently released a premium tablet for all device lovers – who are actually obsessed with smartphones or tablets. This time Simbans has introduced an exciting tablet namely Simbans TangoTab tablet to ease your day-to-day lives. TangoTab has gained huge popularity in the market instantly after its release. The main reason for its fame … Read more

Sony Digital Paper Review (DPT-CP1/B): The best way to whiteboard!

Featured Image Sony Digital Paper

Today everyone is talking about digital technologies and why not these technologies are revolving around us. Every day at every moment we use technologies and one of the great examples is the Smartphone. We cannot spend even a single minute without the smartphone. Smartphone has actually replaced calendars, watches, landlines, etc. Moreover, with the advancement … Read more

reMarkable Paper Tablet Review: Feel like your device is a paper!

Featured Image reMarkable paper tablet

Earlier, Kindle tablet was the only option for book lovers as they can directly download books, magazines and newspaper or read favorite blogs. With the advancement in technology, a unique tablet was launched in the market namely reMarkable paper tablet. This groundbreaking device was launched to relegate the notebooks, printouts, and documents- it is actually … Read more