Huion INSPIROY Q11K V2 Drawing Tablet – Explore your creativity being fearless!

Huion is one of the top companies with regards to tablet manufacturing, since 2000. This firm has always been appreciated for its ultimate product release. I would say Huion INSPIROY Q11K V2 Drawing tablet is one of the best products of the year by this company. It is a great tablet that facilitates so many aspects that it is not possible to explore its features in just one day. People who are more into document work or people who do a creative job like painting, or writing, then this tablet is surely meant for you!


At first, the tablet was not recognized by many, but with the day-by-day purchase, it has increased its sales up to millions across the globe. This tablet offers an excellent opportunity for beginners as this tablet is itself a beginner in creativity. You will surely admire Huion INSPIROY Q11K V2 when you will reach your goal or become something in life. So let’s get an overview of the product features quickly.

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Overall design and display

The look of the tablet is like a laptop with eight buttons to the right side of the tablet with an on-off switch button as well. The Q11K V2 Drawing tablet is black in color with a dimension of 390 x 223 mm from which the working area is 279.4 x 174.6 mm, i.e., 11 x 6.875 of the screen has touch sensitivity as well. It is enormous but lightweight that is only 880g and 11mm thick, which makes it less than a laptop. However, there are many benefits of having a big screen that includes bigger and crystal clear pictures, clear alphabets that are comfortable for eyes, and watching your favorite show on a big screen enable you to enjoy more.

Design of Huion INSPIROY Q11K V2

More so, the picture quality is just impressive. Many entrepreneurs and students groups are purchasing this tablet only of its high-tech pen. What to say about the pen? It is unique as the pen has the capability to touch the animate lines as well. The pressure released by the pen is 8192 levels that allow this tablet to stand apart along with the 5080LPI resolution. You can accomplish every task seamlessly with this PW500 digital pen will make you happy as you can finish your work with just one touch. The pen is equipped with efficient trajectory induction technology that allows you to be creative and make you feel like you are actually writing with an ordinary pen that too at high speed.  And if we talk more about this digital pen, it supports ±60° natural tilting that allows you stay creative even with ±0.3mm accuracy. This pen is the recent generation of passive electromagnetic technology with a rate reach of 226PPS

Ultimate wireless capabilities of the tablet

This tablet not only focuses on creativity with the latest pen feature but also ensures the overlong battery use with wireless charging. The wireless charging has the reach of 2.4G, thus no stay free regarding your battery. You can make use of wireless in case if you are out of your home or office or in traveling as it can be helpful in any emergency situation. And the most advanced feature of the tablet is you can freely connect it your macOS/Windows that too without any hassle via USB. This tablet’s graphics are compatible with conventional painting software also, which is CDR, AI, SAI, PS, etc. Now you can explore your creativity in of the software and show the world your real talent anywhere anytime instead of switching on your computer or laptop and then start working on it. This efficient tablet is quick, fast and reliable that helps you to stay consistent with your working abilities and excel in this dynamic world with your talent. More so, the tablet has a very friendly user-interface that anyone can operate it seamlessly you won’t feel like you are using it for the first time.

Huion INSPIROY Q11K V2 With Wireless Mode

More so, the battery of the tablet is 2500mAh that lives up to 40 hours. Wow! Isn’t it amazing? You just have to forget that your tablet even requires any charging I mean you feel like it doesn’t have any battery. You can utilize it more if you turn off your data network or Wi-Fi connectivity and see how this tablet will never drain.  With more battery, you can draw or write whatever you write as it is rightly said that “Great people always work at night and their creativity glow in the morning.” Why not be the creative morning bird with this ultimate tablet?

In conclusion

I would recommend this tablet to every age group as it supports creativity and every person has that creativity so why not take a note of things that will help you to grow, why not draw or paint pictures that you love and why not tell the people that “ Yes, I’ll be great one day”! This tablet is true motivation for all the users who are fed up of their lives or who want to spend stress-free time with their creativity or someone who want to become confident on their creativity- you can be great with this tablet. What are you waiting for?  This tablet has much to explore why not give a try to enhance your creativity and bloom in this world like a beautiful flower? Buy it today and see the difference in your life, where you were and what you have become!

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