XP-Pen Graphic Tablets Now Works With Chrome OS

There is exciting news for all you XP-Pen Graphic Tablet users. Your XP-Pen Graphic Tablets are now compatible with the efficient Chrome OS. Thus, you can now do more and achieve only the best in terms of graphical experience with this new development in the XP-Pen pen tablets.

With the situation not looking to change at least soon, our dependence on the digital platform for conducting all the important tasks seems to remain unchanged. So, to give a new dimension to the whole e-learning process, this new initiative on the part of XP-Pen deserves special acknowledgment.

We are aware that XP-Pen is always driven in unleashing the best eLearning solutions for the easy conduct of e-classes and the importance of its product range has increased manifold in the current lockdown situation. Couple the goodness and creative abilities of the XP-Pen products with the advancement and seamlessness of Chrome OS and you can make all the differences.

List of Chrome OS Compatible XP-Pen Tablets:

  1. XP-Pen Deco mini 4
  2. XP-Pen Deco mini 7
  3. XP-Pen Deco mini 7W
  4. XP-Pen Deco 01 V2
  5. XP-Pen Star G640S
  6. XP-Pen Star G640
  7. XP-Pen Star 03 V2

The XP-Pen pen tablet now supports Chrome OS 88.0.4324.109, and this is way friendlier and productive and effectively contributes to making eLearning courses systematic and more interactive. This versatile mode of conducting online classes will make a big difference for the home-based students and let them reach their goals without compromising on anything.

The tablets provide every option to the users to make the eLearning process as well-defined and productive as possible with its extremely useful features. It helps the users to project their ideas and thoughts with the help of graphical representations to make every class more giving and oriented. Users can draw and create images and diagrams to make the entire learning process engaging and easy.

Write and Edit, Draw and Create, enjoy the full-fledged Chromebook experience in the XP-Pen tablet and make the entire e-based learning process more interactive and fruitful.

What is interesting is that now you can make use of the Chromebook feature with the ease and comfort of the stylus of the XP-Pen Tablet. And the stylus can be used as a mouse to make working with the Chromebook convenient and comfortable

So just connect the XP-Pen pen tablet to the supported Chromebook devices, and experience the joy and satisfaction of immersive and involved participation in the class with a smooth and creative two-way flow of information and suggestion.

Communication is the key to any successful exchange of thoughts and ideas and this has been taken to new heights with this compatibility between Chrome OS and XP-Pen tablets. This is where the goodness of this collaboration lies. XP-Pen has made it possible for users to make use of all the sophisticated features of Chromebook in its highly affordable devices.

From Google Jamboard’s whiteboard to Google Keep to Google Canvas, you, as a user of XP-Pen pen tablet have enjoyed all these super-rich Chromebook-based apps. Similarly, the compatibility also enables users to use the creative aspects of XP-Pen tablets on the Chromebook.

You can use Autodesk’s Sketchbook and ibis Paint X in the Chromebook to heighten the creative inclinations. More freedom of easy navigation helps in drawing, sketching, and creating all that you wish to easily on the Chromebook.

The XP-Pen products that can be used with Chrome OS are Deco Mini 4, Deco Mini 7, Deco Mini 7W, Deco 01 V2, with prices ranging from $39.99 to $129.99. So you can select any of the above-mentioned XP-Pen products according to your budget and needs to enjoy them with Chrome OS. Other models which can also be used with Chrome OS are Star G640S, Star G640, and Star 03 V2.

Thus, it is beyond doubt that this new association of XP-Pen and Chromebook will open up fresh possibilities for the users who can explore more and gather knowledge easily and systematically.

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