CHUWI Hi10 Air is a new Windows 10 2-in-1 tablet

CHUWI Hi10 Air 2-in-1 Windows Tablet

The CHUWI Hi10 Air is a new Windows 10 2-in-1 tablet that is in the market with its fantastic features designed to turn heads. CHUWI has always been good at its game. Staying in a good position in the market with its amazing tablets and devices, it has now come out with CHUWI Hi10 Air … Read more

CHUWI Hi9 Pro Review: A 2.5K JDI Display Tablet

CHUWI Hi9 Pro 8.4 inch Gaming Tablet

When you think about gaming at its best and all the ultimate specs that support entertainment, CHUWI Hi9 Pro tablet is the best device you can get your hands on. With the most amazing specs and features, this tablet is a high-end device but with a relatively low price. The most fantastic thing about this … Read more

CHUWI Hi9 Plus tablet now available on GearBest to buy

CHUWI Hi9 Plus Now Available

CHUWI Hi9 Plus tablet has been launched into the market by the revered brand. This awaited tablet by most in the market, comparing it to iPads, have been anticipating the launch real soon. It has been announced that CHUWI Hi9 Plus tablet will hit global online markets on October 20th through Aliexpress, but it’s already … Read more

Save 25% on Chuwi Hi9 Pro CWI548 Tablet

Chuwi Hi9 Pro CWI548

Chuwi Hi9 Pro CWI548 is designed as a value-centric Tablet. This device comes equipped with slim, sleek profile, vibrant display, perfect hardware unit, responsive touch screen panel, dual cameras for capturing favorite moments, massive storage space, a wide variety of port options, highly advanced Android edition, 4G support, and decent battery life. Perform routine tasks, … Read more

Save 18% on CHUWI CoreBook CWI542 2 in 1 Tablet

Chuwi CoreBook CWI542 2 in 1 Tablet Deal

The 2-in-1 tablets always catch the user’s attention due to its multi-level functionality and different design from the usual tablets. Chuwi CoreBook CWI542 is also one of the devices in the same league with supportive hardware and responsive touchscreen panel. Windows 10 operating system, detachable keyboard, dual cameras, ample free space, and a wide variety … Read more

CHUWI Hi12 (CWI520) 2018 Tablet Review

CHUWI Hi12 2-in-1 Tablet

Tablets are the go-to devices when it comes to getting all your office work done but doesn’t want to carry a bulky laptop around. The demand for laptop is rising, and hence the brands are striving hard to update the devices’ features and capabilities as much as possible. For instance, Windows on tablets was just … Read more