CHUWI Hi10 Air is a new Windows 10 2-in-1 tablet

CHUWI Hi10 Air 2-in-1 Windows Tablet

The CHUWI Hi10 Air is a new Windows 10 2-in-1 tablet that is in the market with its fantastic features designed to turn heads. CHUWI has always been good at its game. Staying in a good position in the market with its amazing tablets and devices, it has now come out with CHUWI Hi10 Air … Read more

You can buy new iPad Pro 2018 at Amazon (it’s available now)

Apple iPad Pro for artists

As we all know, Apple has always been a champion in the digital market. Though its mobile phones, iPads, or iPods are expensive, people purchase it because the quality and assistance provided by Apple are unmatchable. Every year, Apple unveils groundbreaking iPads, iPhones, and iPods with exceptional features to make the lives of users better. … Read more

Google Pixel Slate Now Available on Amazon for Pre-orders

Google Pixel Slate

The most awaited slate/tablet by Google, the Google Pixel Slate is available for pre-orders on Amazon. The Google Pixel Slate is a premium device with lots of fantastic features and specs that make this device worthy of its fame and curiosity. This slate may arrive on Amazon during Christmas, and the gift from Google-Santa will … Read more

New iPad Pro 2018 Announced: The best tablet till now

iPad Pro 2018 announced

The New iPad Pro 2018 is unlike any other tablet we’ve ever seen before, and rightfully so, it is the best tablet till now. This tablet can be considered the milestone device of Apple because it is crafted and packed with full of latest and greatest technology that makes it a mighty and stylish machine. … Read more

Dasung Paperlike Pro(Touch) E-ink tablet released

Dasung Paperlike Pro(Touch)

DASUNG announced via their tweet stating that they released their new Paperlike Pro(Touch) 13.3 E-ink tablet that works with Touch function on indiegogo. These devices built for display, it can function for the best of your health. When we talk about health, we are talking about the eye. Normal devices like laptops, tablets or smartphones … Read more