You can buy new iPad Pro 2018 at Amazon (it’s available now)

Apple iPad Pro for artists

As we all know, Apple has always been a champion in the digital market. Though its mobile phones, iPads, or iPods are expensive, people purchase it because the quality and assistance provided by Apple are unmatchable. Every year, Apple unveils groundbreaking iPads, iPhones, and iPods with exceptional features to make the lives of users better. … Read more

GAOMON M106K Comes With 12 Express and 16 Function Keys


Are you fond of doing creative things like painting, drawing or writing or want to enhance your creativity or explore your creativity? If yes, let me you take you the world of digital creativeness where your work will be respected as digitization has revolutionized every aspect today. The latest social media platforms are very much … Read more

Victbing V10W 10-inch Android Tablet Review

Victbing V10W 10-inch cheap tablet

What is $69 for you? For eating burgers or contributing to your friends’ party and a lot more! What if I say you can buy a smart tablet at this price? Surprised! Yes, you heard it right, Victbing V10W is a new tablet launched in the market offering great features at such a less price. … Read more

TenYiDe 108 Tablet Review: Comes in two different designs

TenYiDe 108 android tablet

Today every individual look for variety in products they purchase. People have become smart enough with the evolving technology and making a fool of them is no longer a cakewalk for businesses. Today, before buying anything, people compare the price on various platforms; ask their friend if the product is worth that price and in … Read more

New Fire HD 8 2018 Review – Best Under $80 Tablet

New Fire HD 8 Tablet

All New Fire HD 8 2018 has bombarded the market with its price. It actually defines its name! This low budget tablet has surprised the customers as it has been designed with great innovation that will blow your mind. Yes! All New Fire HD 8 2018 has won the heart of customers and is in … Read more

HUION H420 Cheap Drawing Tablet Review For Beginners

HUION H420 Cheap Drawing Tablet

If you are a beginner in the world of art or entering the digital world for the first, the very first thing that would have strike your mind is “Which tablet is the best?” Well, you would probably choose the cheap one as drawing on the digital surface is your first attempt and don’t you … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Book2 announced: Will be available from 2nd November

Product Photography - Verizon Galaxy Book2

Good news for all the Windows tablet lovers, Samsung has announced the launch of Galaxy Book2! Enjoy your Christmas with great enthusiasm with this exceptional device. Samsung has always been a leader when it comes to quick, efficient and seamless user-experience delivering ultimate phones and tablets in the market within various price ranges. Galaxy Book2 … Read more