Artisul Launches SP1603 Pen Display Tablet

artisul launches sp1603 pen display

One of the popular companies producing professional gadgets for digital drawing, Artisul, adds one more pen display to its portfolio of devices. Pen displays are quite convenient for creating professional digital drawings on a larger screen and working on the finest details. At the time of writing this article, Artisul has four other pen displays … Read more

Artisul Unveils A1201 12-inch Pen Tablet

artisul unveils a1201 pen tablet

Artisul has added a new tablet in its Pen Tablet section by launching A1201 12-inch drawing tablet with a stylus. Sure they’re comparatively new to the market and don’t have many tablets in their portfolio, but the parent company of Artisul, UC-Logic, has been in creating pen and digital drawing tablet technology for over 20 … Read more

Artisul M0610 Pro Review

Artisul M0610 Pro Review

The M0610 Pro pen tablet from Artisul is a medium size, portable pen tablet for all budding (and professional!) artists and designers. The outer box is quite eye-catching with a female warrior-type adorning the right side in a giant circle cutout shape (apologies if I don’t know who she is!) with the Artisul logo and … Read more

Artisul Launches D16 Pro and M0610 Pro Drawing Tablets

Artisul D16 Pro and M0610 Pro

Artisul launches the all-new D16 Pro pen display drawing tablet and its first pen tablet – M0610 Pro. Artisul D16 Pro is fitted with a 15.6-inch screen area that provides the creatively inclined minds the needed freedom and flow. Artisul M0610 Pro is designed to be extremely light in weight and is very compact. Its … Read more

Artisul D16 Review

Artisul D16 Graphics Tablet

Artisul D16 is an amazing digital graphic tablet that will transform the way you highlight your artistic skills. No matter whether you’re a graphic designer or writer or love drawing, Artisul will immensely help you simplify the process. Artisul deeply respect creativity of every individual and so they introduced Artisul D16, which is a perfect … Read more