Best Prime Day Tablet Deals 2023

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Amazon Prime Day tablet deals 2023 will be live on 11th July 2023 with up to 50% discount on most popular tablets. Tablets are great for reading, playing games, watching movies, keeping kids entertained while traveling, for doing homework, and a whole lot more.

A tablet packs all the robustness of a smartphone behind a much larger screen. Grab a wireless mouse and a clip-on keyboard; you have a light, slim laptop replacement as well.

For prospective buyers, lots of tablet models are available in the market that can best fit their requirements. A lot of consideration goes into the play when choosing a tablet and is not just limited to features, operating systems and all.

If you need a good-quality tablet, then you need to spend at least $300. Although there are cheaper models, they aren’t worth investing in. That’s the thing about gadgets – the cheaper you buy, soon they will have the performance issues.

This is the main reason why people wait for deals to come up when buying tablets. In the US, when we talk about deals, it is when the holidays are.

From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, Christmas, New Year’s Day, 4th of July, and more, there is a whole list of holidays that people wait for eagerly because these are the times when their favorite items go on sale at a discounted price.

Best Amazon Prime Day Tablet and iPad Deals 2023

Whether it is an Android tablet or an iPad, even the shiniest new models are knocked down in price during the deals. Thus, holidays and other shopping festivals in the US are the ideal time to buy tablets.

With that being said, we have created this post to help you understand these deals and make an informed decision. Our ‘best prime day tablet and iPad deals 2023’ will address the upcoming tablet deals of the New Year. Read on to get insight into the deals and buy when you think is the right time.

1. iPad Prime Day Deals

If you are looking for the best iPad deals, Prime Day is one of the best time to grab the best discounts. Check out the best Prime Day iPad deals of 2023 below.

Amazon offer best deals on iPad to all their Prime users during Prime Day. It is expected that iPad Pro and iPad Air 11-inch will be made available at their lowest prices.

So, we would recommend that you buy your iPad from Amazon this Prime Day to avail great discounts.

2. Windows Tablet Prime Day Deals

Windows tablets have been making the splash in the recent scenario. With the likes of Microsoft Surface, Lenovo ThinkPad, Acer Switch, etc., people now have options other than Android and iOS. The best part about Windows tablet is that it comes with Office in-built, among other Microsoft tools. These tablets are great for students and professionals.

So, if you are looking for the best deals on Windows tablet, we recommend that you start with Amazon and then check the price at Best Buy. These are platforms where tablets are at a discount all the time.

You may want to wait until any of the holidays discussed to get additional discounts. Amazon and Best Buy heavily discount tablets and smartphones during seasonal sales. Throughout the season, you will see bargain rates on Windows tablets.

3. Android Tablet Prime Day Deals

Android tablets are always in demand due to their versatility. These tablets do a perfect job of blending some quality features and inexpensive price. With many competitors fighting to gain the top spot, this has benefited consumers to get their preferred Android tablet at a discounted rate.

Android tablets come with a plethora of options, including making calls. So, they are always high in demand as compared to your Windows tablets or iPad. As a result, finding good deals on them can be quite difficult given that retailers are offering a discount.

Thus, it becomes important that you check every online retailer for Android tablets and compare the price. It is necessary that you compare the price because it gives you an opportunity to review each retailer so next time you know whom to start with whenever you need such kind of product in the future.

Just keep checking the price as it changes almost every day. Your alternate option is to look at sellers who are selling on their own website and not on Amazon or Best Buy. You may get better deals here.

4. ChromeOS Tablet Prime Day Deals

Most tab users believe that Chrome OS tablets are work better than Android ones, and have enduring battery life. Well, every category of the tablet has its own set of audience and they will only root for their favorite, no matter what.

If you are looking for Chrome OS tablets, you must know that they are slightly expensive than your regular Android tablets. This is because they provide pure Android experience with the backup from Google itself.

While there aren’t many Chrome OS tablets introduced, they are undeniably here to stay. Chrome OS tablets are in full trend despite the fact that the recent launches – Google Pixel Slate and Acer Chromebook Tab has rolled out. They have managed to successfully compel consumers with their features.

On normal days, you can easily get your hands on a Chrome OS tab at just around $300. If you wait for holidays or special shopping festivals, you can get the same for $25-$40 off depending on the rush and the season.

You are advised to check online forums on Google Chrome OS communities to get insight into when the next sale is going to happen. And always check the price with Amazon, because no one offer better price on their products than Amazon.

5. Drawing Tablet Prime Day Deals

Drawing tablets have a separate fan base. These tablets are a great blend of the feature of freehand drawing with a sketchbook and a pencil with the ability of precise digital designs.

Drawing tablets are mostly preferred by architects, students, and designers for designing interventions. With that being said, these drawing tablets are only limited by one’s imagination. These tablets are high in demand among the architects and art school students.

While there are plenty of drawing tablets available, choosing the right one is important and that too at the right price. Drawing tablets like XP-Pen Artist, GAOMON PD1560, Wacom Cintiq, and Wacom Intuos Pro are the most in-demand tablets.

The drawing tablets are probably the most expensive tablet range with the starting price of $300. The Wacom Cintiq is one of the highly-priced drawing tablets costing around $1200.

Unfortunately, the thing with these tablets is that their price never changes that much. Thus, it makes it difficult to find deals on such tablets. One thing you can do is constantly check Amazon and other retail stores for price.

We recommend that you wait for any deal to happen such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday because this may be the only time you may see price fluctuations.

Alternatively, you can wait for the brand to launch the next version of the model. With this, the older version will see reduced pricing.

6. Amazon Fire Tablet Prime Day Deals

Amazon Fire tablets offer exceptional value to users. Whether you are looking for an unbelievably cheap 7-inch model or the top-of-the-line 10-inch version, each Amazon Fire tablet comes with Alexa. Amazon Fire tablets let you listen to music, take photos, check email, shop online, play games, and more – all in an incredibly affordable and portable form.

If you have never had a tablet before, Amazon Fire tablet turns out to be a great first tablet.

The availability of Amazon Fire tablets is only at Amazon. So, you would want to make sure that you are an Amazon customer. If you are a Prime Member, then there is nothing better than that. Prime members enjoy the greatest deals on Amazon along with other added benefits, such as same-day delivery and more.

During Amazon Prime Day, you can expect to get any of the Fire tablets at a cheap rate. It is a product by Amazon so; Amazon decides the price. Since Amazon takes part in all the seasonal sales along with shopping festivals including, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and more, such products are always on discount.

To get the best price, check Amazon during the holiday season. This is when they offer high discounts.


That’s it! This is our ultimate guide to finding the best prime day deals on tablets and iPad(s) in 2023. When you are looking for tablets, you would want to make clear all your options. This is because there are plenty of platforms where you will find the same product being offered.

But, you will only buy from those who are offering good value. When it comes to tablets, they come in different varieties and models. Some are powered by Android while some run on iOS. So, before looking for deals, you need to determine which one you want.

Based on your requirements, you can choose one. There are tablets specially designed for students while there are tablets designed for designers and architects, some are designed for entertainment lovers who love listening to music and watching movies and some are meant for book lovers.

So, before you buy the tablet, it is important that you review each model thoroughly. This will not only enable you to get the best but also get the best value for money.

As said, always wait for good deals to happen. And good deals happen when there is a holiday or any special occasion. Retailers, in order to attract customers, will send out promotions and deals. Wait for the right deal and buy it when you have considered all the possible deals.

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