10 Best Cheap Tablets 2019


Are you planning to purchase a tablet for daily use or for entertainment purpose? Well, spending thousands of dollars on a high performing tablet is only worth able if you are about to replace your desktop. You may require tablet for general purpose such as for watching movies on big screen or to check emails, etc. In such scenarios, purchasing a high-end tablet is just a waste of money. That’s the reason you should plunge into cheap tablet market.

All-new Fire 7 Tablet 2019

Countless brands offer amazing features that you may find in high-end tablets. However, the downside of cheap tablets is primarily the quality and durability as the tablets starts haggling quickly. With top brand tablets like Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, etc. you may not encounter such issues within two year of the purchase. Lastly, everything depends on your usage.

If you’re going to work on your tablet rather than desktop, then we suggest you to invest in high-tech tablets that provide great flexibility and features. However, if you want a tablet for minimal usage, then cheap tablets is the best ever investment. It’s not that cheap tablet would screw you, if you use it in light manner and sensitivity, then cheap tablets are worth the money. Some cheap tablets will be with you beyond expectations if your usage is light and sensitive.

10 Best Cheap Tablets

Now that you’ve evaluated your requirement concerning the tablet, you’re all set to jump into the market to purchase the tablet. In this article, a few handpicked brands have been explained that offer some outstanding tablets that will completely entice you with its features, keeping the cost secondary aspect in it. Let’s dive into the list of 10 best cheap tablets that one must choose according to their requirements:

1. All-new Fire 7 Tablet 2019

Fire 7 tablet 2019

All-new Fire 7 tablet is one of the most affordable and best-selling tablet in the cheap gadget market. As compared to previous models of Fire tablets, the upgraded version of 2019 is groundbreaking. With 7” IPS display and spectacular design, All-new Fire 7 is the perfect example of mobility. It is so lightweight and classy that you’ll keep admiring the engineers.

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The tablet is available in some amazing colors such as Black, Twilight Blue, Plum, and Sage that are never seen before in the range of tablets. Whereas coming to the down line concerning the performance, well, All-new Fire 7 tablet 2019 offers 1GB RAM and 16 and 32GB storage along with Amazon’s unlimited cloud storage. More so the tablet is compacted with Quad core processor up to 1.3 GHz.

You will also come across Alexa, which is the core reason behind the popularity of All-new Fire 7 tablet 2019, as it allows you to spend hands-free days by commanding Alexa. However, the battery is major concern as it runs only for 7 hours with continuous browsing or playing videos, which is comparatively less than a mere smartphone. This is one downside of All-new Fire 7 tablet 2019, but if you’re using it for entertainment purpose, then battery shouldn’t be a problem. You can download millions of apps for gaming, watching web series or movies, ebooks for reading, and a lot more. You can also stay connected with your dear ones with 2MP front facing camera of the tablet.

2. Vankyo MatrixPad Z1

Vankyo MatrixPad Z1

Vankyo is a new entrant in the cheap tablet market and became popular with its flagship product MatrixPad Z1. With 7” display, Vankyo MatrixPad Z1 has an aesthetic design that will mesmerize you completely. The tablet is very sleek and lightweight that it easily fits in your back pocket of jeans, making it extremely portable. The IPS display quality will give you crisp, sharp and bright picture quality, enabling you to enjoy your favorite TV shows or movies on this amazing tablet. Vankyo has introduced this tablet to make the lives of modern users comfortable and secure, so you’ll find Eye health feature in the tablet that will protect your eyes from harmful rays.

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The performance of the tablet is impeccable as it is equipped with energy saving and powerful Quad-core processor, providing 1GB RAM and 32GB storage onboard. It also offers a microSD card option up to 128GB. The tablets runs on Android 8.1 Oreo go that is the lightest Android version with best interface, making the lives of users seamless. More so with this version edition you can eliminate unnecessary Google ads so that no pop-up could distract you from your work.

The tablet also possess Google Assistant that keep your fingers on rest mode. Vankyo MatrixPad Z1 also offer 2MP front facing and rear camera to keep you connected with your loved ones via Skype calls. The tablet offers 8hours of battery life powered by 2500 mAH battery with continuous browsing and video playback.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2019

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1-inch 2019

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2019 is a groundbreaking tablet introduced by this company that too at affordable cost. Galaxy Tab A 10.1 has become way more popular due to innovations and features added to this gadget. The design is of the tablet is so amazing that you’ll be keep praising, be it, the sleekness of the tablet or lightweight. The full screen display of 10.1” makes you viewing experience one-of-a-kind. It is perfectly replaces you smart phone, enabling you to enjoy your favorite movie shows with family on this large screen tablet. The tablet is equipped with Dolby Atmos speakers, transforming your viewing experience into cinematic experience with amazing display and sound quality.

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The tablet offers fantastic camera quality with 8MP rear camera and 5MP front-facing camera, undoubtedly, replacing your smart phone. You can stay connected with your loved ones via Skype calls and stay updated on social media by capturing moments and uploading it. Samsung Galaxy A 10.1 2019 also provide you with kids mode features that alleviates the burden of parents, as they’re so anxious about their kids in this technological age. With kids mode, parents can easily access or monitor the screen of their kids to keep an eye on their activities. No need to pay any extra amount for this feature.

The tablet offers 13 hours of battery life, which is beyond expectations for many of us. You can enjoy the tablet to the fullest without any hassle.

4. Fire HD 10

All-New Fire HD 10 Tablet with Alexa Hands-Free Review

Fire HD 10 has always been number one choice across users as it is highly affordable with maximum features. However, the upgraded version Fire HD 10 is absolutely stunning as it is overloaded with some exciting features in a very small budget. The 10.1” HD display is brilliant giving you crisp and sharp picture quality while watching your favorite movies or TV shows. The design of the tablet is like a small notebook, which easily fits in your bag and the color choices will really fascinate you. Fire HD 10 is available in three sassy colors Black, Red, and Blue that you have never seen before.

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Fire HD 10 is all about performing seamlessly as it is equipped with twice the RAM and is 30% faster than the previous generations. With two 1.8 GHz and 1.4 GHz, the table runs impeccably, eliminating the unnecessary haggling of device. But the downside of Fire HD 10 is the 1GB RAM, which may hamper your overall efficiency. Fire HD 10 offers two choices when it comes to storage that includes 32GB and 64GB, depending upon your usage.

The Fire HD 10 is compacted with Alexa now you can enjoy a hands-free day by commanding Alexa for basic tasks like changing the song, playing news headlines, etc. The tablet also possess smart home control feature, enabling you to stay stress free related to electrical things in your house. The tablet will last with you for 10hours with continuous browsing.

5. Vankyo MatrixPad Z4

Vankyo MatrixPad Z4

Another tablet that hits the list of cheap tablets available in the market is Vankyo MatrixPad Z4. Available for around $100, Vankyo MatrixPad Z4 has some amazing features to offer at this minimal budget. Vankyo MatrixPad Z4 comes with 10.1” IPS HD display that offers a 178-degree viewing angle to users. Now you can watch your favorite movies or shows without any hassle on this bright and vivid screen.

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The tablet features 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM along with a microSD card option to users that too up to 128GB. Store whatever you want without worrying about limits. Vankyo MatrixPad Z4 is equipped with 64-bit quad core processor that offers a smooth gaming experience to users as the device also runs on the latest operating system of Android, which is 9 Pie. Moreover, users can also enjoy the 8MP rear and 2MP front-facing camera that enable you to take some decent pictures and stay connected to your closed ones via video calls.

You can download innumerable magazines, e-books, etc., on your device and have an impeccable reading experience. The tablet boasts 4500 mAH battery life, which lasts up to 6 hours with continuous browsing.

6. Lenovo Tab 4

Processor and OS Lenovo Tab 4 10

Lenovo Tab 4 another revolutionary gadget outshining in the cheap market increasingly. The 10.1” display along with Dolby Atmos front-facing speakers, Lenovo Tab 4 gives you amazing experience whenever you are on the go. If you’re planning to replace your desktop, then Lenovo Tab 4 is the right choice. With multi-user account setting, all you can do is switch to productivity mode and convert your tablet into a PC. You can add the Lenovo Bluetooth Keyboard to enhance your productivity that when you’re on the go.

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This Android tablet is recognized for its high performance as it is equipped with Quad-core Snapdragon processor at the speed of 1.4 GHz. The tablet lets you stay connected with your dear ones as it offers 5MP rear and 2MP front-facing camera with fixed-focus. Good news for parents! Now you can handover the tablet to your kids without getting anxious about their activities. You can easily keep a track of their activities by turning the kids mode that provide your children with childhood content and you can monitor their activity as well.

Lenovo Tab 4 is the perfect gadget in today’s modern family, fulfilling their needs of keeping an eye on everyone easily. The battery life of the tablet will complete surprise you because Lenovo Tab 4 offers 20hours of battery life. Well, at such a low price, so many features along with so much battery durability, Lenovo Tab 4 should hit your wish list.

7. Apple iPad 9.7″

design of ipad 9.7

You might be surprised seeing Apple in the list of cheap tablets as it is one of the popular brands that targets sophisticated people. However, Apple iPad is absolutely affordable as it is the base model of iPad launched in 2010 and with advancement in generations the price has been downsized. The 9.7” Retina display of Apple iPad gives a mesmerizing viewing experience with bright and sharp picture quality.

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Apple iPad is extremely sleek and lightweight, making it quite handy and on the go piece for users. Apple iPad is powered by A10 Fusion chip with 64-bit architecture embedded with M10 processor, making user-experience seamless and impeccable. Whereas the storage is concerned you’ll be getting two choices- 32GB and 128GB, now you don’t have to worry about storage downloads thousands of apps without any hassle on your Apple iPad. The Apple iPad enable you to stay connected with your loved ones with 8MP rear and 1.2 front-facing cameras. We have always admired the camera quality of Apple since years.

If you connect your mobile with Wi-Fi, the battery life will survive up to 10 hours, but if you’re streaming on mobile data, it will only last 9hours for a day with continuous browsing. Apple iPad is highly compatible with Apple pencil, or Bluetooth keyboard, enabling you to be more flexible with your work. Therefore, we can say that Apple iPad can be perfect for those who are planning to replace their desktops with tablet.

8. Lenovo Smart Tab M10

Lenovo Smart Tab M10

Lenovo Smart Tab M10 is an innovative tablet by Lenovo, which is why it has been awarded as the winner of “Best Innovation Award 2019”. Lenovo Smart Tab M10 is designed with great aspiration to provide a strong hold over the tablet as the backside of the tablet is quite wavy, making the surface harsh and powerful. With 10.1” FHD display, Lenovo Smart Tab M10 offers brilliant picture quality. The tablet posses’ two front speakers engineered with Dolby Atmos audio technology, giving you cinematic experience at the comfort of your home. The tablet is available in black only.

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The amazing fact about Lenovo Smart Tab M10 is its collaboration with Alexa. Yes, now you can have a fun full day with Alexa. Connect to the dock and Alexa is all set to assist you, she can fill your room with music, play news for you, and a lot more. If you are a lazy kind of person, this smart tab is all what you need! More so, Lenovo Smart Tab M10 is 2-in-1 tablet that enables you to convert the tablet in a desktop anywhere you are.

The tablet offer 2GB RAM and 16GB storage along with Snapdragon Qualcomm processor, boosting the overall performance of the tablet immensely. The tablet runs on Android 8.0 Oreo that boasts a very intuitive interface for users, pre-loaded with various apps, empowering you to fall in love with this tablet. The battery of Lenovo Smart Tab M10 is 4850 mAh.

9. Fire HD 8

Design and Display of New Fire HD 8

Fire HD 8 is the same series of the above-mentioned tablets as it is extremely affordable and a high-demand tablet. At a minimal budget, Fire HD 8 offers beyond the expectations features. With 8” HD screen, Fire HD 8 luminous picture quality with less glare and more brightness. The tablet is very sleek and classy, providing great flexibility to the users due to its mobility. It is available in three intense colors that include Black, Red, Yellow, and Blue, breaking all the stereotypes colors of tablets.

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The tablet is known for its powerful performance as it is equipped with 1.3GHz quad-core processor. If you compare Fire HD 8 with Fire HD 7 model, it offers 50% more RAM along with great space. The table offer 1GB RAM and standard 16GB ROM, providing expandable capabilities up to 400GB as it has a microSD card slot along with Amazon’s unlimited cloud storage. Now you’re free from the alerts like “storage full” as you can store infinity photos and videos.

At just $49, Fire HD 8 enables you to capture every moment or shoot videos by providing 2MP rear camera. More so, Fire HD 8 has been under 50 different situations so the tablet is free from spills, drops and everyday wear and tear. The tablet is ready to be with you for 10hours continuously, giving you the flexibility to go anywhere with this stylish, powerful, and amazing tablet without any hassle. The amazing aspect of Fire HD 8 is the Alexa obvious, giving hands-free day to users.

10. Lenovo Tab E10

Lenovo Tab E10

Lenovo Tab E10 is another revolutionary tablet by Lenovo, boasting 10” HD display that offer sharp, bright and vivid viewing experience. Now watch your favorite TV shows, movies or videos from any angle as everything will look amazing to you. The tablet is equipped with Dolby Atmos technology, so you’ll be hearing sound coming from everywhere, omitting the background noise once you plug-in your headphones. However, that doesn’t mean without earphones you won’t enjoy, you’ll feel more immersive without earphones as well.

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Lenovo Tab E10 is not only beneficial for you as an adult, but is super fun for your kids as well. You can share your device with your kids, allowing them to make their own customized account and add all the social media accounts as well. In this way, parents can keep a hawk eye on the activities of kids of what they’re doing online. The tablet is very sleek and has admiring design with extreme lightweight, making Lenovo Tab E10 quite handy and flexible.

Lenovo Tab E10 has flash memory of 2GB, which is the major downside of the tablet. If you’re planning to purchase the tablet for your secondary work, be it for kids, or just for watching movies or videos on large screen, then Lenovo Tab E10 is the right choice. Otherwise, don’t settle for such a tablet that cannot fulfill your basic needs of clicking pictures and storing photos or videos.


Choosing a tablet completely depends on your usage as I’ve said before, but it’s not going to be easy as there are countless cheap tablets available in the market. That’s the reason I always suggest you to prepare a checklist first and jot down your requirements, most importantly your budget. Thereafter, plunge into the market for shopping your favorite gadget. I hope the above-mentioned handpicked tablets might help you to make quick decisions as with these tablets you just have to analyze your requirement that include battery life, display, cost, brand, etc.

As you can see there are tablets in the list that merely cost $49, which is not a big deal, then again features play a major role. If you’re looking for a cheaper tablet with high end features, then Apple iPad and Lenovo Smart Tab E10 can be your ideal choice. Or else with minimal requirement and usage except this two, other tablets might help you greatly. But if you’re seeking complete package of entertainment, then Samsung Tab A 10.1 is the best ever tablet you’ll ever come across with such a low budget.