ALLDOCUBE iPlay10 Pro Specs and Features

ALLDOCUBE iPlay10 Pro Tablet

ALLDOCUBE has been dominating the market since 2004 and stretching its product lines to a great extent. From manufacturing Android PC tablets to MP3, MP4, e-books, and other high-end gadget for people. This digital brand is a pro in the cheap market, aiming to provide maximum features at a reasonable cost. With so many already … Read more

Alldocube KNote Go Specs and Features

Alldocube KNote Go 2-in-1 Tablet

Tablets are the new style statement to set and indeed technology at its best. With such comfort and ease to carry, who doesn’t need a tablet that fists their preferences? Also, with tech firms rolling out new products in market every now and then, we have Alldocube KNote Go, a tablet that has hit the … Read more

ALLDOCUBE KNote X Introduced With Gemini Lake Processor

Alldocube KNote X 2-in-1 Tablet

The all-new ALLDOCUBE KNote X has been introduced with Gemini Lake Processor that has premium grade quality to everything, right from its body design to performance. This convertible tablet has unique features doubled with super performance and without a doubt, this device has been promoted as a performance-driven tablet. This tablet has surely caught some … Read more

ALLDOCUBE M5 4G Phablet – Everything in your budget!


Are you in search of a tablet with average display size and best features that too at an affordable price? Well, Apple and Samsung have already introduced many conventional display screen tablets, but are out of budget for many individuals out there! So now thinking of budget would not be any stress for you as … Read more

Save 38% on ALLDOCUBE Freer X9 Tablet – DOTD Sep 28, 2018

ALLDOCUBE Freer X9 Tablet Deal

ALLDOCUBE is not much familiar name in computer fraternity and Freer X9 is one of fewer models available from the company. Freer X9 looks to be a normal tablet consisting of solid hardware, durable components, responsive display, dual cameras, and dual-band multiple connectivity options. Ample free space, slim & sleek appearance, and 4K HD video … Read more

Alldocube X ($269) vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 ($649)

Alldocube X vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

When you look around the gadget market, you can observe so many companies manufacturing tablets. However, in the Android market, the top brand we know is- Samsung. Samsung has been in the competitive era for years and gives its best with every new product launch. Well, today the market competition is increasing like anything- multiple … Read more