AOSON M815 8-inch Tablet Review

AOSON M815 8-inch Android Tablet

AOSON M815 8-inch Tablet is certainly not disappointing at all in the first impression. The supporting attributes of 8 inch IPS HD display is great to have in this range. You will be having 800 x 1280 HD resolution which allows you to go through the content in the tablet with ease. Playing games and … Read more

AOSON R101 10-Inch Tablet Review

Featured Image AOSON R101 10-Inch Tablet

Aoson R101 10-inch tablet is Android device which receives superb design and supportive hardware to meet the desire of good looks and smooth/ swift processing. Access apps, switch between various tasks, perform video calls, watch movies, play normal games, and accomplish business tasks with minimum effort and lag-free processing. Google’s Android 6.0 marshmallow edition supplies … Read more

AOSON S7+ 7 Inch 3G Phablet Review

Featured Image AOSON S7+ 7 Inch 3G Phablet

Costing around $63, Aoson S7+ is a decent phablet with reasonable capabilities. Right out of the box, device has Android 7.0 Nougat as its operating system. Aoson hasn’t promised any Oreo update in the future so don’t keep your fingers crossed.  It houses a seven inch screen in an all plastic body. Everything including the … Read more

AOSON R103 10-inch Tablet Review

Featured AOSON R103 10-inch Tablet

Aoson R103 10-inch tablet holds a very neatly designed profile, flowing edges, responsive hardware unit, and tons of Android advantages enables you to enjoy your studying, business tasks, or entertainment to the fullest. Super sleek and slim design gives you the benefit of carrying this device anywhere with you without any issues. The pre-installed version … Read more

AOSON R102 10-Inch Tablet Review

Featured AOSON R102 10-Inch Tablet

AOSON R102 10-Inch Tablet: Here we jump to the specs and discuss what it brings to the table that you can take home. It might be a surprise, but you can avail this tablet at just $75.99 (Amazon). This tablet has an impressive build quality and looks of a premium tablet. To be honest, this … Read more