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Samsung’s 2022 Plans for Production of Tablets and Smart Wearable Leaks

galaxy tab s8 rendering by iceuniverse
Galaxy Tab S8 Rendering by IceUniverse

The leading company in the Android tablet world, Samsung has plans for manufacturing its devices in 2022. A leak from @FronTron clearly shows that Samsung has neatly outlined its production plan along with a schedule.

Well, if we believe the reports by TheElec, Samsung has shared its manufacturing plan for wireless devices with their top 30 manufacturers in South Korea.

Samsung Electronics IM Division Plans for Major New Products in 2022 (Unit: Million)


Total Production Units


Production Units

Production Schedule



Galaxy Tab S8 Lite



Galaxy Tab S8



Galaxy Tab S8+


Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra


Galaxy Tab A8



Galaxy Tab A8 Lite




Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 (2-in-1)



Galaxy Book 2 Pro / Pro 5G


Galaxy Chromebook Go (JDM)


Smart Watch


Galaxy Watch 5



Wireless Earphones


Buds Pro 2



Buds Live 2



The list doesn’t reveal information on just tablets. Samsung also has sent out the production plans for smartwatches, earphones, and laptops/PC. All in all, netizens are expecting much more from the tech giant than just Galaxy S22 smartphones coming in 2022. Now, let’s see what we know now about Samsung’s 2022 tablet manufacturing strategy.

Focusing on tablet section, it’s clear that Samsung is planning to launch Galaxy S8 series of tablets in 2022. However, we don’t know the exact launch date. However, we will get to see Vanilla Galaxy Tab S8, Galaxy S8 Lite, Galaxy Tab S8+, and Galaxy S8 Ultra for sure.

Also, Samsung strategizes to produce 11 million units of Galaxy Tab A8 and Galaxy Tab A7 Lite throughout the year. These numbers are drastically more than the Galaxy Tab S8 family. The reason behind this could be the price of both tablets and their success. Nevertheless, Galaxy Tab A8 is expected to hit the shelves of stores in the month of December 2021.

On the other hand, Vanilla Tab S8, Tab S8+ and the Ultra version are planned to be launched in the Q1 2022 to Q2 2022. This means that, the Galaxy S8 series of tablets will be available for purchase earlier than its Galaxy Tab S8 Lite model. The company has decided to produce 1.6 million units of S8 Lite tablets late in Q3 2022 and Q4 2022.

The number of units to be manufactured of Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, Tab S8+ and vanilla Tab S8 are 400000, 900000, and 120000 respectively. Such low numbers compared to S8 Lite, Tab A8, and Tab A7 Lite is because of is price range.

Well, we have now clarity on the arrival of the Galaxy S8 series of tablets and Tab A8. But that’s not all. We can’t tell for sure that this plan includes their entire plan for manufacturing new tablets. For instance, we are hoping for Galaxy Tab S7 FE’s successor in 2022 as well.

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