Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and S5e Gets Android 10 Update

It looks like Samsung has really started to mend its way, at least as far as the updations to the tablets are concerned. The company may still not be as fast as its rival but considering Samsung’s old practices, this is no small improvement. The 2018 Galaxy Tab S4 and 2019 Galaxy Tab S5e are getting new updates this week.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4
Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 With Keyboard and S Pen.

The update offered to these tablets is the same as the one which was rolled out to Galaxy Tab S6 which is Android 10 based One UI 2.1 to these tablets. Even though Samsung is pretty late with its update, the company makes up for it with the addition of One UI 2.1, which brings a vast improvement to the current features.

The update was initially offered to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 LTE variant and Galaxy Tab S5e. The Wi-Fi variant of Galaxy Tab S4 received this update a few days later. The Android 10 update to these devices comes with improved dark mode features like enhanced text, images and color adjustments according to the day and night environments.

Customized Dark backgrounds, alarms and widgets are available for dark mode. The update offers smoother transitions as well as animations with a playful touch, improved accessibility, new navigation gestures and new Device Care feature that keeps you updated about the battery usage.

Additional features include refined interactions with minimal finger movement, control music and videos playing on the tablet and other devices with new Media and Devices and advanced trash feature which deletes the contact temporarily before being deleted forever.

The latest update has led to developments of the camera with the ability to edit the modes offered, better layout to capture the pictures without any interruptions and instant access to hidden modes with More tab. New and distinct ringtones can be set for the event added in the calendar and stickers can be added to a particular date without having the need of creating an event.

To make searching the files an easy process, more filters have been added, and it is easier to copy multiple files to the desired location with new features in My Files section.

After the update of the OS to Android 10, the users will have to update stock apps like Samsung Notes, Samsung Internet and Calculator individually for both the devices. However, Galaxy Tab S5e comes with an additional app Samsung Health which is sure to win your heart.

Both the tablets will be getting a security patch released in June 2020, making this update beneficial for the users.

The updates to these tablets were first rolled out in France, Europe and then were offered to the US, Canada and the other regions a few days later.

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