Nokia is planning to launch Nokia T20 Android Tablet

Since Nokia has been working to set its foothold in the smart devices after the post-HMD era, we haven’t seen enough new products. The first tablet by Nokia was launched in 2014 and now the sources have confirmed that we could see a new Nokia T20 Android tablet anytime soon.

nokia t20 listed on lambdatek

Sure more people choose Android in smartphones over Apple’s iOS, but Android is not promising enough in Tablets. However, Samsung and Lenovo are continuously launching new Android tablets along with their flagship features and technologies in order to succeed and create a monopoly for high-end Android tablets.

Whereas Nokia is absolutely lagging far behind other companies. What we could understand from this news is that Nokia is trying to offer a tablet that is going to change people’s opinions and beliefs of their smart devices exceptionally.

But after Nokia PureView’s fiasco, it seems Nokia won’t be able to shift the tablet standards. Maybe it is just trying to stay in the market of tablets as the tablet they launched in 2014 is clearly outdated.

If you’ve used the Nokia N1 tablet, you have to wait more to see its successor. If Nokia is naming its new device T20, maybe they have different plans for continuing the N series of Android tablets. But that will depend on the success of this T20 tablet.

The Nokia T20 gets registration in Russia with TA-1392 and TA-1397 model names. The ‘T’ series represents the ‘tablet’ series. And it’s likely the model numbers of new T20 tablets. There will be two variants; one with Wi-Fi + LTE and another with only Wi-Fi. Leakers have already leaked some of its features and specifications.

The Nokia T20 tablet was first seen on a UK retail website with key specifications and its certification as I mentioned were seen on some Russian websites. Keeping this in mind, Nokia could release this tablet in its next launching event along with the different smartphones it’s working on.

The pricing according to the UK website will be 185 GBP ($260 USD) for the Wi-Fi only variant and 202 GBP ($282 USD) for the Wi-Fi + LTE variant. We will have to wait to see all the specifications and confirmed features before we conclude the fairness of the price point.

According to the websites that listed Nokia T20, the tablet will feature a 10.32-inch multi-touch touchscreen display. One of the leakers has said that it will be available in blue color.

It will likely have 4GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage. Well, these are some general specifications we have at this time. We really expect a better processor and user-friendly operating system so that the battery power could be optimized and it runs smoothly. Whereas its support for stylus, shooting HD videos and photos, and the quality of display will be key factors deciding its versatility.

With the news of the Nokia XR20 and X20, we are not sure whether this tablet would be a rugged one. If that’s true, we can expect a non-rugged version of the Nokia T20 version as well. Also, the ‘T’ series of tablets could be a dedicated series of rugged tablets as well.

We will keep you updated with the Nokia T20 Android tablet’s new features and specifications. When launched, the tablet will become the third one in Nokia’s portfolio of tablets after Nokia Lumia 2520, and Nokia N1.

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