Nokia T20 Tablet Specs, Features, and Overview

nokia t20 tablet

While tech giants like Apple and Samsung are setting new benchmarks for tablets consistently, Nokia is slowly attempting to set a foothold in the tablet market. The company has added Nokia T20 to its small tablet portfolio this month. We are sharing our views on Nokia T20 in this article for you. That will be … Read more

Nokia is planning to launch Nokia T20 Android Tablet

nokia t20 listed on retail website

Since Nokia has been working to set its foothold in the smart devices after the post-HMD era, we haven’t seen enough new products. The first tablet by Nokia was launched in 2014 and now the sources have confirmed that we could see a new Nokia T20 Android tablet anytime soon. Sure more people choose Android … Read more

Nokia Launches XR20 Rugged 5G Smartphone

nokia launches xr20 rugged smartphone

Nokia’s mid-range feature phones are popular for superb software specifications. And now it is adding military grade ruggedness to its new smartphone XR20. The smartphone is likely to be available for purchase in late August this year. The non-rugged variant of this smartphone is X20 for people who are sure they won’t ever spill anything … Read more