Lenovo Yoga X is coming to rule the market with display tweak

Lenovo is far more than being a mere Chinese brand. It has nailed the market with its new to new inventions, especially twists with the technology. The gadgets are peeping into the future and its technological revolution has adopted a whole new avatar with ‘Lenovo Yoga X’.

Lenovo Yoga Book C930 Tablet Mode
Image: Lenovo Yoga Book C930

Lenovo is quite popular for its cheap Android phones, laptops, and tablets as well. Apple props the tablet market with its iPhone. On the other hand, other brands like Huawei and Samsung are also trying to establish themselves with their Android-based tablets. Taking a step away from all these tablets, Lenovo is working on some interesting concepts and the recently leaked documents are testifying it.

Don’t you think that it will be amazing if a tablet gets doubled as an external monitor?

A few internal documents are leaked and as per their exposer, laptops and smartphones like gadgets can use Lenovo Yoga X as their secondary screens. The news is unannounced yet and therefore, no exact picture of the device is available.

An Android developer Till Kotmann (@deletescape) has obtained the leaked documents of this interesting concept. The developer showcased the ‘second screen UX wireframe’ concept that is used in the Lenovo Yoga X device. A few mockups were there in the documents which are giving an approximate idea about the appearance of the tablet.

The featured image can be seen on the Patreon page of Evan Blass (@evleaks). A base or stand at the bottom of the tablet makes it different, which further indicates its special feature. Except for the twist in the design of the base, rest appears like a typical tablet that people are using.

Some other specifications of Lenovo Yoga X are listed here that are somehow leaked through the documents;

  • The tablet uses a Micro-HDMI cable to enable the connectivity of tablets to other devices.
  • The tablet is able to switch the second display mode.
  • It can pause any ongoing audio playback.
  • Behind the user’s password, it can lock the Android OS.
  • It will adopt the system’s volume levels and brightness that will be adjustable through the tablet’s buttons.
  • The device setting options can be obtained by touching the screen when it is in secondary display mode.

Kottmann has provided the information only about the display mode of Lenovo Yoga X. The document has talked about the uniqueness that the device possesses. The operational abilities of the tablet are still zipped. A pleasant surprise will be there behind the layers. All we can do is to wait for that.

It will be too early to talk much about Lenovo Yoga X. Lenovo promises to fulfill the requirements of the audience. Therefore, it can be presumed that Yoga X may perform swiftly with the best of its functions. Since it can be a secondary screen for tablets and smartphones, the guide will help to connect them well. A neat integration will help to set the entire connectivity. When nothing is integrated, the tablet can be used as a regular device.

Apart from these details, every other thing about Lenovo Yoga X is a mystery. It is unarguably a great idea to surmount technology. All we can say that the tablet seems appealing and it may become a trendsetter for many other brands out there.

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